Scarborough Spa Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Zina + Alex got married at The Spa in Scarborough, one of Yorkshire’s most unique wedding venues. With views of the sea and the sound of gulls instead of bells, you can guarantee that your beach wedding photography will stand out from other peoples, weather permitting! Despite having an inside area to accommodate a wedding party should push come to shove, the real draw of this location is the outside chequered area that can accommodate as few or as many guests as you would like to invite.

The weather on the day of Zina + Alex’s wedding started off a little damp but held off to allow the small and intimate wedding ceremony to take place outdoors, with the clouds breaking afterwards to reveal scorching sun and blue skies. Scarborough is a fantastic location to hold a beach wedding, and after the meal and some emotional speeches, I went with the couple to create a series of photos of them both together. After going for a walk along the beach taking in sights and sounds of the beach, using brightly beach huts and a few formal shots, the couple went for a paddle in the sea and presented me with one of my favourite images of the day.

In the evening the couple invited a large group of friends and family and a band entertained everyone as they danced into the evening. Inside candy floss and fish and chips were served alongside cocktails and the kids whizzed amongst the crowd, fuelled by ice cream and an abundance of sugar. I couldn’t recommend Scarborough enough as a location for your Yorkshire wedding, so click here to get in touch about yours.

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Alex Abbott is a Leeds based Yorkshire Wedding Photographer working across the UK and Europe. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.