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In this gallery you will see lots of examples of photography from real wedding days. These are real moments caught candidly and without any staging.

The subjects in the pictures all knew that I was taking photographs that day. In some of the pictures I am within touching distance of the people that I am photographing. In the moment that I took the picture they were comfortable with my presence and this is evident throughout my portfolio.

For me, being a wedding photographer is about more than just being good with a camera. It is also about being able to blend into social situations and become part of the event that is being documented. You can find lots of examples of this throughout my website.

When I take photos my first consideration is the lighting. Good use of light creates contrast and drama in a photograph. This can lift the image and give it a dimensional quality. Lighting can also be unflattering to subjects. In this respect it is vital to having an understanding of how the direction and quality of the light will impact on the photograph.

My second thought when putting together a picture is around the composition. This adds structure to the image and helps with the visual narrative. When you look at photographs, your eye is often drawn to point of focus. When I take photo’s I want the rest of the frame to work visually with and frame or draw attention to the focus of my picture.

Finally I wait for things to happen. This can be as simple as a glance or a touch. It can be an overwhelming gesture or a subtle suggestion of emotion. It can be an event of significance or a fleeting moment. When I can get all three aspects of the photo to come together within my viewfinder, I’m happy to take the picture.

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