Whitley Hall Wedding Photography Leeds

Ash & Jonny got married on a rainy spring day just outside of Sheffield and held their reception at Whitley Hall, which offers an intimate and cosy environment ideal for days for this. Similarly on days when the weather is a little warmer, they have magnificent grounds with roaming peacocks, making the perfect venue, rain or shine, for hosting your wedding. Working as I do, capturing images happens regardless of the weather – the essential components of the photography remain the same. Im looking for interesting and clean compositions, good light and a nice moment to occur with each press of the shutter that I make.

I first photographed Ash’s mums wedding and subsequently also photographed her sister and several friends weddings, so seeing them all again in the morning was like spending time with old friends. Getting weddings through referral is great for me as any initial anxieties about being photographed have already been resolved when the intended couples have seen me working and the images that I have produced from their friends weddings. Being inconspicuous is less about hiding behind corners and trying to be sly, its more about have fun with everyone so that when I take a photo, the subject is often distracted my the situation that we are in. Involving my self on the wedding day is essential to capture the photos that I do as they are often caught with a fairly intimate distance, but the ease at which the people appear in the photo’s suggests a lot about how comfortable they were around me and my lens and or how aware they were of me taking photographs.

Whitley Hall has some great features about it to make some beautiful photos, and the mirror against the dance floor provides some brilliant opportunities. Ash and Jonny, unknown to anyone, had practised a dirty dancing routine and gave some great entertainment for their guests, and some pretty cool photos for the couple and me!

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