Whitby Wedding Photography

Whitby Wedding Photography

Whitby is the Jewel of Yorkshire’s coastline. This small fishing town is one of the most beautiful places in the UK to get married by the sea.

Danby Castle Wedding Photography North Yorkshire

Monica + James got married on a beautiful sunny day during summer at Danby Castle, on the North Yorkshire Moors. The couple booked me to cover 6 hours, which allowed a couple of hours for the bridal preparations and then allowed plenty of time for the reception to take a leisurely pace before the speeches. This was the third wedding that I covered at Danby this year, and Ive lost count of how many that Ive been fortunate to photograph at this unique venue over the last few years. Safe to say no two weddings have ever been the same and each time that Im there I look forward to seeing what Im able capture. Working at a venue more than once allows me to bring my experience of understanding the best spots of light and bits of the castle to use compositionally, and this always gives me an advantage when looking to produce the best shot that I can within a fast paced environment.

The couple booked me after seeing some of my work at the venue, and a few coincidences broke the ice immediately so that on the wedding day when we actually met for the first time, it was like we were old friends. Monica and James are both Nurses, which was my profession before becoming a full time photographer. They also live on the same street that I lived on as a child, and James was in the year above me at school, and are form rooms were pretty much next door to each other; its a small world!

Here is a small selection of images from Monica + James’ wedding to demonstrate the natural style that I create at social events.

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Alex Abbott is a Photographer based in Leeds, specialising in capturing moments at weddings. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography. 

Danby Castle Wedding Photography North Yorkshire

Kathryn + Carl got married at Danby Castle, located in the north Yorkshire moors near to Whitby, it is a venue stepped in character and history and offers Brontesque views across the sprawling moorland. After a hot summer, the weather decided to release some of the moisture and it rained non stop all day long. Despite being undesired, the rain didn’t halt any of the proceedings and in a lot of ways helped to empathise the intimacy of the day and gave me some practice ahead of the low light of winter weddings. Danby Castle has lots of snug corners and warm lighting that makes the ambience really inviting and the environment is like a home from home, with big sofas inviting you to put your feet up.

The wedding was very family orientated, with the couple’s children playing pivotal roles and provided plenty of photo opportunities throughout the day. I started the day with Kathryn and her family and bridesmaids as they all got ready amidst babies and young children running, shuffling and crawling everywhere. After a couple of hours and when Kathryn was in her dress I set off to the castle in order to capture some establishing shots and to be in a good position to capture the brides arrival.

After the ceremony the reception took place in the bar area before the meal is served. This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day to capture as the majority of the important aspects of the day have been completed and its time for everyone to relax and start enjoying the party, which is exciting for me due to the spontaneity and unpredictability of the images that I am able to capture.

Here are a few photo’s from Kathryn and Carl’s wedding to demonstrate the candid nature of my wedding photography.

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Alex Abbott is a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, based in Leeds and working across the North of England. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Teepee Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Jemma & Kenny got married in the height of summer, doing the legal bit during the week and holding their celebration on a Saturday in Jemma’s sister’s back garden overlooking the North Yorkshire countryside near to Whitby. The couple hired a large teepee and some soul singers and the day was then set for a full on party with catering on hand with a fully stocked bar and BBQ. The day started with the promise of strong sunshine and sure enough it materialised on que as the ceremony began. This created a bit of a hurdle in terms of working with the light to produce images of a strong standard, however I was given the freedom to move around and take full advantage of the moments when the sun disappeared behind a cloud; at one point I was able to shoot into the sun and hide the it behind on of the lamp shades that decorated the aisle.

I started the day with Jemma and her bridal party at the family home, while Kenny got ready at a nearby pub. Given the close proximity of everything, I was able to meet Kenny for a few minutes as he finished his preparations before heading back to capture Jemma’s final preparations as she got into her dress. After the ceremony the couple requested a photo of them both against the view of Whitby from the churchyard near to the Abbey, and on the walk back noticed a young girl dancing on the grave of some one, which gave me an image with an interesting context to it. The rest of the day unfolded at a very casual pace with the soul singers providing some of the best entertainment that Ive seen at a wedding before everyone filled the dance floor and danced the night away.

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Alex Abbott is a Leeds Wedding Photographer working across Yorkshire and the UK. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Crab & Lobster Wedding Photography York

Sabrina + James got married at The Crab & Lobster in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The couple live in Germany and booked me after seeing a wedding that I had photographed in Scarborough, and as opposed to lots of posed photos they both wanted their pictures to capture the moments as they happened on the day and the real personalities of their friends and family, instead of a scripted version of events. When we met to discuss things before the big day, they described a relatives wedding abroad, where the interpretation of what the couple wanted capturing on their wedding day was lost in a few hours of posed group shots, requests to repeat things and awkward poses. I assured them that this would not be the case on their wedding day!

Sabrina and her bridal party got ready at The Boat House in Whitby harbour, a quirky self catering accommodation with a beautiful view to wake up to. After a couple of hours getting to know everyone, I set off for the Crab & Lobster in Thirsk, where James was getting ready and the guests were arriving. The couple had driven over to Yorkshire from their home in Germany in Sabrina’s families vintage Mercedes, and Sabrina’s cousin drove her from Whitby to the wedding in it, so it was nice to include it in a few of the photos also. After the ceremony, the party got into full swing in the gardens of the venue, with friends of the groom providing the music. The evening meal was a bbq and before everything was served, the speeches took place on the patio, with the sun flaring against the emotion that the sentiments expressed created.

Here are a few photographs to demonstrate the candid story-telling approach that I like to take when photographing weddings.

SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0906 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0907 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0908 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0909 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0910 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0911 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0912 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0913 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0914 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0915 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0916 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0917 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0918 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0919 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0920 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0921 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0922 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0923 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0924 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0925 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0926 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0927 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0928 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0929 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0930 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0931 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0932 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0933 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0934 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0935 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0936 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0938 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0939 SJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0940

Alex Abbott is a Leeds based York Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Danby Castle Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Rosie + Will got married at Danby Castle in the North Yorkshire Moors in a beautiful summer wedding celebration.  Rosie got ready in Whitby, having her hair and make-up done in the town centre and then getting dressed at her Grandma’s house which overlooks the harbour. The weather on the day was delightful, with blue skies and fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze to keep the heat down.

After spending a couple of hours with the bridal party, I headed over to Danby to meet the arriving guests and to get a few pics of Will and his last minute nerves before the ceremony. When you are marrying your best friend it seems that there is no need for nerves, and instead the air was full of excitement and anticipation. The song that played when Rosie walked down the aisle was a surprise and so when she arrived, the theme tune to Harry Potter put a smile on everybody’s face.

After an emotional service, the reception took place in the grounds and ruins of the castle, with oversized party games providing some of the entertainment. This is a great feature of this venue, as the periods spent between formalities are often structured with some kind of activity to keep everyone busy. Recently I photographed a wedding here and in the afternoon they had a kaylee band and dancing which despite some initial reservations from the groom, was great fun and had everybody up and dancing.

Here is a small selection of images from Rosie and Wills wedding to demonstrate the candid documentary approach that I take to photographing weddings. You can get in touch about your wedding photography by clicking here.

RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0883 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0884 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0885 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0886 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0887 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0888 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0890 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0891 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0892 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0893 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0894 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0895 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0896 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0897 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0898 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0899 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0900 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0903 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0904 RW-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0905

Alex Abbott is a Leeds based Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

 Danby Castle Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Emma and Paul held their wedding at Danby Castle, a unique venue located on the North Yorkshire Moors, not too far from Whitby. I love being the photographer at weddings at this special venue; the staff make an exceptional effort to ensure the smooth running of the day and the grounds, building and location provide lots of opportunities for interesting wedding photography.

There are several holiday cottages in the surrounding area that offer accommodation for the bridal party and any friends and family that want to stay close by – Danby Castle also offers grounds for camping too and is customisable in so many ways, consequently its a very popular place so would recommend getting in touch with them to discuss your wedding day sooner rather than later.

I started the day photographing Emma and her bridal party’s preparations at one of the local cottages and then headed up to the castle in time to capture Emma’s arrival. Despite a bit of wind and rain, the castle is always warm and cosy which makes it the perfect place to host an intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family. Afterwards we did some family groups shots in the ceremony room before everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast and the speeches, which all happens in the marquee, which is attached to the dance floor and conveniently close to the bar.

In the evening we made a few portraits around the venue and its grounds before the night do commenced with the first dance, which is where I left everyone dancing the night away. Danby Castle has its own lighting, DJ and a stage for live music, so all evening entertainment is taken care of too.

EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0149 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0150 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0151 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0152 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0153 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0154 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0155 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0156 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0157 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0158 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0159 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0162 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0163 EP-yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0164

Alex Abbott is a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer based in Leeds. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.