Uyen + Joe’s Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

Uyen + Joe got married at Leeds Town Hall in November and booked me for a couple of hours to cover their intimate ceremony and a few portraits and family groups afterwards. The Town Hall and City Centre are a great spot for getting married as the variety available to make a few creative photo’s of the newly weds is great. I love working in the Broderick suite too, as even on darker days; the large diffused windows beautifully illuminate the room.

Having worked many times at Leeds Town Hall, I’m aware of some of the limitations that can spoil a composition, and so I work carefully around these visual distractions when taking photos. As the venue is littered in signage, its near impossible not to catch the odd one but I try to use these shapes within the photo where I’m able to, to help aid the graphic flow in the image.

The couple arrived on the day together and were joined by a few friends and close family members. On smaller jobs such as these, I’m conscious of being a large percentage in terms of the numbers involved at the wedding and how this can have an influence on the unstructured parts of the coverage. In this respect I find that I am able to make people aware of the task in-hand while blending in with them to take pictures with a natural and candid quality.

Joes sent me this message when the couple got their photo’s back:

“Thank you so much for this they are all amazing! We all love them. I’m very happy that you were a part of it and managed to capture so many great memories. Many thanks again for making our day even more special. “

Joe’s parents sent me this message when they saw the photos:

“We were thrilled to see Joe and Uyen’s wedding photos; they are fantastic and really sum up the emotions of the day. I have shown them to a number of my friends who are really impressed how artistic and creative they are.

Your professional friendly approach together with your sense of humour helped to make everyone feel at ease, which can clearly be seen in the photos. Your photos have captured some precious memories of a very special day. Thank you very much.”

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