Destination Wedding Photography Spain

When Teri and Dave booked me to be the photographer for their destination wedding in Spain, they were looking for some one who would creatively document the day for them and be more like a guest than a hired hand. This wedding was a long time in the making, and Teri and Dave didn’t want the day being monopolised by a pushy photographer that made everyone feel awkward. To this extent I even ended up staying with Dave’s Mum, Dad, Auntie and Uncle; a large part of the wedding party stayed at the same apartments which had a private pool and was only about 5 minutes drive from the H10 in Estepona, which is where they held their ceremony and reception.

Spain at the time was experiencing a heat wave during the month of July, so the temperature on the day exceeded 40 degrees centigrade. Dave and his grooms men spent the morning in the pool keeping cool (I won an award for the first photo of them all together in the pool) and the bridal party got ready in an air conditioned room and each had their own hand fan, which are all great things to think about when planning a destination wedding. The weather in the UK can be unpredictable to say the least even during summer, so going abroad to guarantee the forecast is definitely worth considering especially with many venues offering competitive rates compared with those in the UK, and the honeymoon being pretty much included!

In the evening when the sun had gone down a bit I spent some time on the beach with the bridal party and had a bit of fun with them splashing in the sea. This was the perfect way to end a destination wedding in Spain and then the drinks flowed well into the night.

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