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Stephe + Michael got married at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor near to York. The location offers woodland and a series of large fields that provide glamping and all the luxuries that come as standard with such an experience. As a lot of their guests stayed the weekend, I started the day by mingling amongst the tents, familiarising myself with the setting and meeting some of the people who would make up this wedding party.

After capturing a couple of hours of the mornings preparations, the bride and groom walked down the aisle together, having already done the legal bit previously, so this ceremony was conducted by a friend in a woodland glen bathed in midday sun. Afterward the couple took part in a blessing ceremony by Stephe’s family before the afternoon unfolded under the scorching July sunshine. After some emotional speeches, a street food cart served a variety of food which guest ate leisurely in the shade of the field.

In the early evening the guests were all treated to a surprise as the couple had booked the New York Brass Band to perform for their evening reception and after coming out to play along to the first dance song, they performed into the night as everyone danced away under the setting sun.

Stephe + Michael sent me this feedback when they received their pictures:

“What incredible photos! Thank you so much. They perfectly capture the event and the mood of the day. It has been wonderful going through them and remembering the day as well as seeing other moments we weren’t around for. We can’t believe you got all these great photos but blended in so well at the same time. It was great having you there.”

Here is a selection of photo’s from this wedding to give an example of the style of my wedding photography.

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