Sheffield Wedding Photography

Sheffield Wedding Photography

Sheffield is a large city in South Yorkshire. Close to the Peak District and centrally located in the country, there are a variety of wedding venues for your special day.

Louise + Jamie’s Mosborough Hall Wedding Photography

Louise + Jamie got married at St Joseph’s church in Handsworth and held their reception at Mosborough Hall in Sheffield. The couple got married at the beginning of September on a beautifully warm and sunny day.

The weather on the day reflected the warmth that was evident amongst this close family, with every member having a specific role. As such there seemed to be children everywhere I looked once Id arrived at the church after the very relaxed morning of preparations. If you’ve looked through my blog you will find lots of photo’s that include kids, as they make such brilliant subjects on a wedding day. They also help you pull a photograph together with their spontaneity and I’m always excited to see the results of such pictures when I get home after a wedding day.

Jamie and Louise both got ready at the venue in the morning so I was able to spend a bit of time with each group, as they got ready for the ceremony. There was definitely an air of excitement that developed as the morning progressed and when I arrived at the church this buzz was infectious as all of the children arrived and spread it around like the bee’s pollinating the flowers. Each child took to their role with full force and exceeded their duties throughout the day, which were mostly to have lots of fun!

After the ceremony, everyone headed back to Mosborough Hall for a relaxed reception in the sunshine with a musical accompaniment by one of Louise’s nephews, before the speeches took place and the evening was entertained again by Louise’s nephew, who as you can see from the photo’s certainly had himself a dedicated set of fans that responded beautifully to the music. Louise’s niece then joined her brother to sing the newly wed’s the song for their first dance.

You can read the message that the couple sent me, and many more like it on my review page, which has lots of feedback on it by clicking here.

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Wortley Hall Wedding Photography | Sheffield Wedding Photographer

Emma + Neil initially stumbled across my work on Pinterest after I photographed a wedding at Silkstone Church close to Barnsley, which is where the couple intended to marry themselves. When they got in touch I instantly remembered the church as the vicar who conducts the ceremonies there is really friendly and not some one you might forget easily, and I think it is safe to safe that she certainly enhances the whole experience of getting married in her church. As well as the personable people, the building itself is very ornate and lets in beautiful pools of light which are fun to work with to create striking photos. I always enjoy a church ceremony, not just because of the sing along, but because of the freedom I have to unobtrusively capture the proceedings and move around to add some variety to my coverage.

Emma got ready with her bridesmaids and children at Wortley Hall where the reception was planned, and I spent a couple of hours with them before heading to over to meet up with Neil and the arriving guests. Emma’s children added a family element to the day and her young daughter injected her entire personality into the day and I remember at one point she stood at the top of the steps during the reception shouting “where’s my bride?!”, which from a 5 year old created quite a funny scene.

I got this feedback from Emma when she got her photo’s back: “They are amazing!! Love them!!! We definitely made the right choice of photographer, the pictures are exactly what we wanted.” Here are a few photo’s from their big day to demonstrate the style of photography that I produce at weddings.

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Cubley Hall Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Hollie + James got married at the church in Siltstone in South Yorkshire and then held their reception at Cubley Hall which is about five minutes down the road. I photographed Hollie’s Mum’s wedding a few years ago and the year previous to this covered her Sister Ashleigh’s wedding, so it was a nice to have been chosen to capture this wedding too and be the photographer for an entire family of brides.

I met Hollie and her bridal party in the morning at Cubley Hall, and having met most of the bridesmaids before, blended in with what was happening from the moment I arrived. The pace in the morning was relaxed with a bubble of excitement, when I left for the church however Hollie was busy doing other people’s make-up and hadn’t even taken her hair out of curlers, with less than hour before she was due to marry she didn’t exhibit a single sign of stress and arrived with at the church with minutes to spare.

The vicar at the church is one of the most personable people that Ive met conducting the ceremony and she definitely added an extra layer of warmth to a pretty chilly February day. Ive said it before and will again, I really enjoy photographing church ceremonies due to the length of the service and the environment that Im given to take photographs in. This allows me to provide the couples that I work with more variety in their wedding coverage and take advantage of the unique architectural compositions and pockets of light that are present in many old church in the UK. I won an award with the AGWPJA from the title image in this post of Hollie’s dad looking proudly at her during the ceremony. Interestingly I captured a similar photograph at Ashleigh’s wedding too.

HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0631 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0632 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0633 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0634 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0635 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0636 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0637 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0638 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0639 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0640 HJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0643

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 Whitley Hall Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Louise & Dave got married in between christmas and new year at Whitley Hall near Sheffield in the heart of Yorkshire. The couple booked the venue and my services after seeing a wedding that I had photographed there previously, and reminded of an early milestone in their relationship at Whitley Hall, it seemed an appropriate place to seal the deal. Whitely Hall is a quaint venue with a beautiful cottage courtyard at the back that is a perfect place to host a wedding reception whatever time of the year. Inside the venue is cosy and has a perfect ambience for winter weddings.

Having a wedding all at the same place makes a lot of sense logistically and this in itself can relieve some of the perceived stress on a wedding day. For me its an advantage as it means that I can often cover both the bride and groom’s preparations which adds further variety to my coverage. This wedding had a strong family theme with the couples daughters both being flower girls and the firm friendship that they have with their bridesmaids and groomsmen highlighted throughout the day.

The speeches produced some interesting revelations before the rest of the day took a leisurely pace into the evenings festivities. After a first shuffle, the dance floor cleared and the bar resumed capacity but this provided the perfect arena for the kids to bust some moves and burn off some of the red bull and skittles that I think they must have had for their pudding, given the energy that they still had to burn.

Here is a small selection of images from the day that demonstrate the candid nature I aim to achieve with my wedding photography.


LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0725 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0727 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0728 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0735 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0737 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0738 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0740 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0741 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0742 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0748 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0750 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0751 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0754 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0756

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Peak Edge Hotel Wedding Photography

Anna + Richard got married at The Peak Edge Hotel at The Red Lion, set on the edge of Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District National Park, the venue offers a relaxed and contemporary setting and is conveniently located to major transport routes, making it accessible for guests arriving to your wedding. The Peak District is a beautiful part of the country and offers some fantastic countryside views that rivals some of Yorkshire’s finest, which for me is a real please to work with in terms of producing wedding photography.

When I arrived at Anna’s parents house to photograph her preparations, I met her Dad who was in the car outside, choosing to seek some calm from the excitement that bubbled from inside the house. He was going through his speech and this gave away his identity before i introduced myself. Key players on the wedding day often have important roles and or are usually dressed appropriately so as to make them stand out a little. Mums often have a hat that has required many shopping trips to acquire and Dads often look like the groom in attire, and its these nuances that help me as a wedding photographer in concentrating on the most important people on the wedding day. Similarly acts such as going through a speech or handing out button holes or orders of service all suggest a key part in the day to me as I observe it. So in short I pleased that I was able to capture the first image in this series, as it depicts one of the father of the Brides roles on her wedding day.

These guys put on a really relaxed and gents emotional day and it was a pleasure for me to become part of their wedding party and capture some great memories for them.

AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0416 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0417 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0419 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0420 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0421 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0422 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0425 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0426 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0427 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0428 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0429 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0430 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0431 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0432 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0433 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0434 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0435 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0436 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0438 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0439 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0440 AR-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0441

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Whitley Hall Wedding Photography Leeds

Ash & Jonny got married on a rainy spring day just outside of Sheffield and held their reception at Whitley Hall, which offers an intimate and cosy environment ideal for days for this. Similarly on days when the weather is a little warmer, they have magnificent grounds with roaming peacocks, making the perfect venue, rain or shine, for hosting your wedding. Working as I do, capturing images happens regardless of the weather – the essential components of the photography remain the same. Im looking for interesting and clean compositions, good light and a nice moment to occur with each press of the shutter that I make.

I first photographed Ash’s mums wedding and subsequently also photographed her sister and several friends weddings, so seeing them all again in the morning was like spending time with old friends. Getting weddings through referral is great for me as any initial anxieties about being photographed have already been resolved when the intended couples have seen me working and the images that I have produced from their friends weddings. Being inconspicuous is less about hiding behind corners and trying to be sly, its more about have fun with everyone so that when I take a photo, the subject is often distracted my the situation that we are in. Involving my self on the wedding day is essential to capture the photos that I do as they are often caught with a fairly intimate distance, but the ease at which the people appear in the photo’s suggests a lot about how comfortable they were around me and my lens and or how aware they were of me taking photographs.

Whitley Hall has some great features about it to make some beautiful photos, and the mirror against the dance floor provides some brilliant opportunities. Ash and Jonny, unknown to anyone, had practised a dirty dancing routine and gave some great entertainment for their guests, and some pretty cool photos for the couple and me!

AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0089 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0090 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0092 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0093 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0094 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0095 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0096 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0097 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0098 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0099 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0100 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0101 AJ-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0102

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