Crab & Lobster Wedding Photography York

Sabrina + James got married at The Crab & Lobster in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The couple live in Germany and booked me after seeing a wedding that I had photographed in Scarborough, and as opposed to lots of posed photos they both wanted their pictures to capture the moments as they happened on the day and the real personalities of their friends and family, instead of a scripted version of events. When we met to discuss things before the big day, they described a relatives wedding abroad, where the interpretation of what the couple wanted capturing on their wedding day was lost in a few hours of posed group shots, requests to repeat things and awkward poses. I assured them that this would not be the case on their wedding day!

Sabrina and her bridal party got ready at The Boat House in Whitby harbour, a quirky self catering accommodation with a beautiful view to wake up to. After a couple of hours getting to know everyone, I set off for the Crab & Lobster in Thirsk, where James was getting ready and the guests were arriving. The couple had driven over to Yorkshire from their home in Germany in Sabrina’s families vintage Mercedes, and Sabrina’s cousin drove her from Whitby to the wedding in it, so it was nice to include it in a few of the photos also. After the ceremony, the party got into full swing in the gardens of the venue, with friends of the groom providing the music. The evening meal was a bbq and before everything was served, the speeches took place on the patio, with the sun flaring against the emotion that the sentiments expressed created.

Here are a few photographs to demonstrate the candid story-telling approach that I like to take when photographing weddings.

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