Danby Castle Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Rosie + Will got married at Danby Castle in the North Yorkshire Moors in a beautiful summer wedding celebration.  Rosie got ready in Whitby, having her hair and make-up done in the town centre and then getting dressed at her Grandma’s house which overlooks the harbour. The weather on the day was delightful, with blue skies and fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze to keep the heat down.

After spending a couple of hours with the bridal party, I headed over to Danby to meet the arriving guests and to get a few pics of Will and his last minute nerves before the ceremony. When you are marrying your best friend it seems that there is no need for nerves, and instead the air was full of excitement and anticipation. The song that played when Rosie walked down the aisle was a surprise and so when she arrived, the theme tune to Harry Potter put a smile on everybody’s face.

After an emotional service, the reception took place in the grounds and ruins of the castle, with oversized party games providing some of the entertainment. This is a great feature of this venue, as the periods spent between formalities are often structured with some kind of activity to keep everyone busy. Recently I photographed a wedding here and in the afternoon they had a kaylee band and dancing which despite some initial reservations from the groom, was great fun and had everybody up and dancing.

Here is a small selection of images from Rosie and Wills wedding to demonstrate the candid documentary approach that I take to photographing weddings. You can get in touch about your wedding photography by clicking here.

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