Destination Wedding Photographer Croatia

Rachel + Pete got married on the beautiful Croation island of Hvar, and then held their reception at Zori restaurant, which is on a small island accessible by water taxi, or speed boat if you happen to be the wedding party. The weather was predictably sunny and hot and the exotic backdrop set the scene for one of the most adventurous weddings that I have photographed. Being heavily pregnant, Rachel wasn’t allowed to fly and having already confirmed the wedding venue, she and Pete drove from Yorkshire to Hvar over several days while the guests all took the comfort of the short flight to Split airport.

My flight was unfortunately delayed and so I didn’t end up arriving at the hotel on Hvar until 1am, with a meeting scheduled with the bride and groom bright and early as the wedding was later that afternoon. I checked in and sort of slept before getting up at 5 to explore the local area and find the wedding venue, meeting a few of the last party goers from the night before and watching the rising sun dance across its¬†reflection in the local marina. After breakfast, I checked in with the bride and groom before getting a bit of rest. The wedding was late in the afternoon to escape the midday sun which was a blessing from a photography perspective too, and so I met with Rachel after dinner and spent a few hours getting to know the bridal party. As the centre of Hvar is so small, we were able to walk to the wedding from the hotel, which was enjoyable in terms of putting this wedding party into the context of their tropical environment.

After the ceremony, we all crossed the local sea as the sun was setting. The party went on till 1am when everyone was taken back to shore were I proceeded to pack and get some rest before my 8am ferry. Here are a few photos from their wedding that demonstrate the style that I like to produce at weddings that I photograph.

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