Rachel + Leigh’s Cripps Barn Wedding Photography | Barn Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Rachel + Leigh got married at Cripp’s Barn in the Cotswolds, where I am recommended as a supplier across all their venues. The company now has venues across the UK, with each setting providing its own slice of Cripp’s unique and laid back style of putting on a party for you and your guests to celebrate your marriage in style.

As with most wedding days, I spent a couple of hours with Rachel, her bridesmaids and her parents in the morning before heading over to the venue to meet up with Leigh and the arriving guests. There were a lot of children at this wedding and most of them at a toddling age, which gave me no end of photo opportunities. At weddings like this I some times have to remind my self of the task at hand as I find that the curiosity of kids all ways leads me to great pictures.

The couple chose to lay the barn out slightly differently to when I have covered weddings here before, and they chose to have it so that a shaft of daylight illuminated them from an open doorway, which was also a blessing as by this point in the year, we were heading into the heat of summer.

After an emotional ceremony and a leisurely reception, the wedding party feasted on the Cripp’s BBQ sharing plates and afterwards revealed a string of hilarious stories and adventures that the newly weds had shared on their journey together before the evening drew in and the flicker of candle light was accompanied by the flashing of disco lights and the swaying of the dancing people.

I received this message from the couple when I sent them their photo’s:

“….. we have looked¬†through the photo’s while we are away and we are so happy with the outcome. The photos are lovely and really capture the day amazingly. Thank you so much.”

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