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Its not often that I leave Yorkshire for work, as I like to be within commuting distance from home so that I am available to consider more than one wedding per week, particularly during peak periods, and also because I have a Siamese cat that gets in a mood when I leave her for extended periods, which is generally more than a few hours! However there are certain venues that I will consider based upon my desire to shoot there for whatever reason. Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds is one of those locations; a surprisingly easy drive from Leeds where I am based, this beautiful stone barn is set in the quaint english countryside and Im sure that the photo’s  explain better than I can why everyone falls in love with this setting. I am a recommended supplier and have photographed weddings here at different times of the year, please click here to get in touch about your Cripps Barn wedding.

Rachel + Handy got married in September, just as summer was beginning to fade. The weather that day was pretty unremarkable however it remained dry which enabled part of the day to be held outside in the grounds, which is also great for younger guests to explore, under a watchful eye! As the evening drew in this attracted the guests to the large bonfire which kept everyone warm as the autumnal evening set in. I met Rachel and a couple of her friends earlier in the day and spent a couple of hours with them before heading up to the wedding. This period is great not only for getting a few photos of the preparations, but also for familiarising my self with people and them with me, particularly if we haven’t met in person before the day as was the case with these guys.

It was a fairly small wedding with close friends and family in attendance which created a really warm ambience, the day lacked a lot of formality with no official bridesmaids, no real speeches and a long relaxed meal of BBQ’d lamb, lots of wine and a lot of socialising.

Here is a small selection of images from Rachel + Handy’s wedding to demonstrate the style of images that I produce from weddings.

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