Rachael + Ian’s Wentbridge House Wedding Photography

Rachael + Ian got married at Wentbridge House, a beautiful building set in immaculate grounds in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside. The couple got married in November, and despite the time of year, the weather on the day was bright and the temperature more than accommodating for an outside reception.

I started the day with Rachael and her bridesmaids before meeting up with Ian and the groomsmen as they all stayed at the hotel for the weekend. I really enjoy splitting the time in the run up to the reception between the couple getting ready and the preparations for the impending wedding as the build up creates lots of opportunities to get some great photo’s for the bride and groom to look back at their wedding day.

The exchange of vows produced an array of emotion, with fits of giggles and a couple of tears shed, and the room that the wedding took place in is a great space with nice décor and some large windows to illuminate the top of the room beautifully.

The rest of the day was spent leisurely around the Hotel, and during the reception we used a short amount of time to make some family group shots and a few portraits of the bride and groom.

Understandably the couple initially wanted to keep their wedding photo’s private and asked me not to create a blog post with them, however after receiving them back they were happy for me to share a few as it would be great to get back to Wentbridge House again to cover another wedding!

I received this feedback when I delivered the photographs:

“Alex – Thank you for being our photographer. You really did have a difficult job considering Rach doesn’t like having her picture taken! They (the photo’s) look amazing; we will recommend you to all of our engaged friends!”

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