Wedding Portrait Photography | Harrogate Wedding Photographer

This gallery demonstrates the style of the portrait photographs that I produce on the wedding day when requested. While I spend around 95% of the day capturing spontaneous moments, and documenting the events as they happen, there is often a gap after the meal when venues are changing everything around for the evening and guests mingle and chat leisurely about the excitement of the last few hours. This can be a great time to spend ten or fifteen minutes taking a leisurely stroll and capturing a few photo’s along the way.

While every one is eating, I use this time to figure out a set of pictures that can be completed fairly quickly and that incorporate various elements of the venue and its surrounding environment. later on in the day is often a good time too because everything will have had chance to sink in and I generally find that even the most camera shy couples are pretty relaxed and confident with the presence of me and my camera by this point (perhaps a glass or two of the fizzy stuff helps too!).

Alex Abbott is a Leeds and Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, working across the north of England and further on request. Please click here to get in touch.