Leeds Club Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Nicola + Mark had a small and intimate wedding in the centre of Leeds, marrying at Leeds Town Hall and then holding their reception at The Leeds Club, a grade 2 listed Victorian building that covers events in West Yorkshire and is only a short walk away from the Town Hall. The couple live down in London and came back just for the wedding and arranged everything through email so on the day I was expecting a bride in a white dress to be arriving and was slightly anxious that I didn’t know what she looked like. The wedding was at Halloween and before Nicola and Mark, couples queued to get married in fancy dress and I wondered what I would be photographing that afternoon. As I awaited a bride in a white dress I casually caught some photos of a lady in a green dress who turned out to be Nicola, not wearing white but also not in fancy dress either.

Id already captured Mark and both families arriving and the bridesmaids waited in the comfort of the shade as it was unusually warm and sunny for an autumn afternoon. After Nicolas arrival we spent some time in the entrance to the hall where the grim reaper also waited for his turn with the registrar, the array of morbid characters providing a strong juxtaposition with the elegance of Nicola and the wedding party.

After a brief ceremony I accompanied the couple to the reception venue where some group shots were completed before drinks and canapés were served. I was booked to cover the reception and left as everyone sat down for their meal. A shorter day than usual but for a mid week wedding, a great afternoon and an alternative take on the 12-16 hour days that I often cover.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from Nicola + Marks wedding to demonstrate the candid style I aim to achieve with my Yorkshire Wedding Photography.

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