East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography Leeds

Nathalie and Lee got married on a beautiful warm summers day, and in all honesty it was the kind of weather that folk getting married in July book their weddings for. Nathalie got ready at her parents home in the morning and the rest of the day was held at East Riddlesden Hall, which is a National Trust property, and as such has exquisite grounds that can be used for the reception. The Hall is located in Keighley which is close to both Bradford and Leeds and the renovated barn on its grounds is used for wedding ceremonies and receptions. I really enjoyed being the photographer at this wedding as the venue had lots of aspects to work with, and provides many suitable alternatives should the weather on the day not turn out as well as it did at this wedding.

In the morning of the wedding Nathalie and her bridesmaids all had breakfast outside in the sunshine and it felt as though we where in the Mediterranean with fresh pastries, orange juice, coffee and champagne being served in abundance. This set the tone for the rest of the day as it progressed at a leisurely pace with an emotional ceremony, a long garden reception with a calypso duet and a friend on guitar, and a long summers evening filled with drinking, dancing and people enjoying themselves. For my work photographing weddings, this was a great example of the types of days that I love to photograph and the  types clients that I seek to work with, as although we spent a few minutes producing some family groups and a few portraits, the rest of the day was left to me to observe and capture so that the memories from such a special occasion are preserved forever.

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