Marquee Wedding Photography

Marquee Wedding Photography

Marquee’s give couples the freedom to personalise a space and host their wedding reception in remote locations with less restrictions on noise curfews for late night dancing and live music. They are often light and airy and provide the ideal environment for hosting a social celebration.

Markington Hall Wedding Photographer

Claire + James held their wedding celebration at Markington Hall, with the ceremony held in a woodland glen with origami swans and fairy lighting decorating the tree’s all around them, and then held their reception within the grounds and a large marquee.

The couple booked me to cover their ceremony through till the early evening and so I arrived approximately 1 hour before things began in order to meet a few of the guests as they turned up and also to get an idea of the layout for the festivities. 

I was well situated for the arrival of both the bride and groom as they both arrived independently of each other with their respective families in tow. As the venue was so open I had lots of opportunities to capture a variety of images from the ceremony that included the environment. The couple also held a tea ceremony, which are always great for getting photo’s of groups of family members together whilst they are distracted from the lens.

Afterwards I mingled amongst a very relaxed reception and did a few family shots with the couple and a few portraits before everyone was seated for the meal and speeches. In the early evening, the guest enjoyed the grounds of the venue and the fine weather of early summer before a Ceilidh band kicked off the evening entertainment and I dodged swinging guests as they got more confused by the string of instructions that was fed to them

I received this feedback from Claire + James when they received their photos:

“Many thanks for getting the photos ready for us so quickly! We loved watching the slide show and flicking through them at night. They really capture the emotion of the day, which is really super. Exactly what we wanted with the style of shots. “

 Wedding Photography Temple Newsam | Marquee Wedding Photographer

Sarah + Lee got married at Temple Newsam in Leeds, holding their ceremony in the main house with a quick reception in the gardens and on the patio so that we could do some family group shots, and then the rest of the day was spent leisurely in the walled gardens and marquee on the other side of the park. This wedding was all about family with an emphasis on the children involved that day, and so in the afternoon the kids were entertained with a science show and sweets on tap.

One of the most nicest parts of my job is spending the day with families and watching the interactions between them. In some respects it is reminiscent of my previous employment, working in Child and Adolescent mental health services, however the observations I make in this job  are usually a lot happier! As I get older and appreciate my own family more, a big aspect of what I look to do on wedding days is create photo’s that capture groups of relatives in single images so that the history of those relationships can be passed on one day and used to evoke memories in the future.

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I really enjoy weddings that involve lots of kids as part of what they bring to the day is an element of chaos and I really enjoy capturing these slices of mayhem on the day. Sarah + Lee’s wedding gave me lots of opportunity to do this and as their own children played such major roles, it was great being able to capture some of their personalities in photo’s for them.

Here is a small selection of picture’s from Sarah + Lee’s wedding day to demonstrate the style of my photography.

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Aldby Park Wedding Photography | York Wedding Photographer

Bryony + John got married at St Mary’s Church in Hemingbrough, which is Bryony’s family’s local church and where she was baptised so it was great to be able to add to the family collection of photographs from life events that have happened here. They then held their reception in a marquee in the country estate of Aldby Park, near to York, and overlooked by the grand manor house, in the beautifully kept and landscaped grounds.

I spent a couple of hours with Bryony, her parents and bridesmaids as they all got ready in the morning. Despite having only met briefly via a video chat to discuss the order of the day, I felt like one of the family within minutes of arriving and I honestly don’t think Ive laughed so much on the morning of a wedding day. The preparations were also accompanied by Bryony + John’s dog who’s role for the day was ring bearer, and as Im pretty fond of furry friends, she was great company to be around.

I met John at the church and spent a short time taking photos of guests as they turned up before Bryony arrived for the ceremony. The church was beautifully lit inside and the vicar was good fun, providing some great memories for the congregation. After the formalities the heavens opened but cleared again before everyone arrived at Aldby Park for the reception. The couple provided festival style food vans with lots of BBQ on offer and this all seemed to go down very well. After which people relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere with bands coming on later in the evening to finish off the night as it crept in.

 Bryony + John sent me this feedback when they received their photos:

“Alex, we just wanted to say, the photos are fecking amazing! Certainly reminded us of the happiness of the day. My Mam is currently making a list of her favourites, so be prepared for her order soon!”

Here is a small selection of photo’s from this wedding to demonstrate my style of wedding photography.

Alex Abbott is a York Wedding Photographer, based in Leeds and working across Yorkshire. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

 Church + Marquee Wedding Photography | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Luke + Lucy got married near York, holding their ceremony in the local family church and then hosting their reception in Lucy’s parents garden, which had plenty of space for the marquee and afternoon drinks reception.

I started the day with Lucy and her bridal party and spent a couple of hours mingling with all of the banter that was going on. Outside the heavens were opening, but inside the mood more than made up for any misery in the sky. As I was setting off to the church to be ready to capture Lucy’s arrival, the sky cleared and bright sunshine emerged and dried up all of the rain. This set the mood for the rest of the day and ensured that the grass was ready for the arrival of 100+ guests after the wedding ceremony.

I really enjoy church ceremonies; you always get a good sing a long, often get some great light to work with and more generally I am afforded more time than a ceremony conducted by registrars, meaning that  I can look for some variety in my coverage. The church setting also adds some tradition to the wedding day, and even if you don’t believe in the story of Jesus, I think that its a great place to express the spiritual aspect of the wedding vows.

I received this message from Lucy + Luke when they looked through their pics:

“Alex we LOVE them Thank you so so much! I especially love the ones with my dad. All our family and friends love the pics, thank you for all your hard work!”

Here is a small selection of photo’s from this wedding to demonstrate the style of my Wedding Photography.

Alex Abbott is a Leeds based Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Temple Newsam Wedding Photography | Leeds Wedding Photographer

Hannah + Kieron got married in August at the church in Barwick in Elmet, close to Leeds, and then had their reception at Temple Newsam in the Marquee situated in the walled gardens. Hannah and her bridal party got ready at a local hotel that was centrally located between both venues, which made commuting between everything fairly easy, and being close to home is always a bonus and meant that I got a cheeky lie in too which is always a bonus 😉

The weather was blustery though this kept the clouds moving providing periods of strong light dispersed with diffused sun that was great to work with. I had to cover the ceremony from the back of the church but the side aisles and gentle foot work allowed me to get some photo’s from the side during the speeches and hymns, and standing back from the scene means that I am able to draw more into the photograph compositionally. After the ceremony we moved on to the reception and spent a leisurely couple of hours soaking up the sun, and in this time made a few family group shots too, with the walled gardens providing the perfect background. The reception is my favourite part of the wedding to photograph as the most important part of the day has been completed and is usually safely tucked away in my card wallet, and the guests are fed and watered which always make a nice atmosphere to be within.

After the speeches I spent 10 minutes with the newly weds making a few photos in the park while the band sound checked and then the evening festivities began and I sloped off into the night with tired feet and an easy drive home. Here are a few photo’s from Hannah + Kieron’s wedding to demonstrate the informal nature of my wedding photography.

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Alex Abbott is a Yorkshire Documentary Wedding Photographer, based in Leeds and working throughout the county and surrounding areas. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Wold Top Brewery Wedding Photography York

Sam + Kris held their wedding celebration at Wold Top Brewery, located in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire dales and not too far from Driffield. The venue is a working brewery and commissions a  special brew for each wedding that it hosts, made to the exact specifications of the bride and groom. With beautiful gardens and a large indoor marquee, it is perhaps one of the most unique locations to host a wedding. The couple wanted to have the ceremony in the gardens, and as the clouds rolled in, this decision was left until the last minute. The couple had married earlier in the week and had a humanist ceremony conducted by Sam’s uncle on the day, which makes the whole process more intimate and also gives me a bit of free reign when it comes to taking photos.

Sam got ready at some cottages close to the venue and had a leisurely morning with her bridesmaids before her step-mum arrived to do her make-up. After she got into her dress I set off to meet up with Kris and the arriving guests. When I arrived Kris and his best man were in the gardens enjoying a break in the weather. This break continued and the couple were able to have their ceremony outside and even enjoyed some of the ceremony there before the heavens literally opened and emptied what felt like its entire contents. This didn’t put a damper on any of the festivities, with a well stocked bar, the guests were more than taken care of. After the speeches, there was a bit of time to digest everything before the band started and everyone danced the night away.

Here are a few photos from Sam and Kris’ wedding to demonstrate the documentary approach I take to photographing weddings.

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Crow Hill Wedding Photography | Leeds Wedding Photographer

Laura + Tom got married at Crow Hill in Marsden, a country house wedding venue set in the heart of West Yorkshire. The venue consists of the magnificent main house and also has a number of cottages on site that are available to hire for guests. There is a grand marquee that hosts the reception and evening celebrations and one of the best DJ’s Ive come across in my time photographing weddings is also available to make sure that your evening party goes with a bang.

I started the day with Laura and her bridal party and flitted between them and Tom and his groomsmen who were staying in one of the cottages. Crow Hill has the capacity to personalise your day, and so these guys hired an espresso bar which opened bright and early and so I joined the groomsmen at the bar and enjoyed shots of strong coffee with them, which is a great way to start any wedding day.

The ceremony room has a beautiful chandelier and is nicely illuminated by a large bay window which both add an aesthetic  to the photographs that I am able to take. After a quick ceremony a few formal shots were completed in the walled gardens and then the rest of the day unfolded at a leisurely pace with cocktails and canapés served from the marquee. I photographed one of the best men’s weddings and so was looking forward to the speeches in the run up to the wedding after the revelations at his; I wasn’t disappointed and neither were the guests.

Here is a small selection of images from the day that demonstrate the candid style of photos that I take at weddings.

LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0660 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0661 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0662 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0663 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0664 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0665 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0666 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0667 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0668 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0669 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0670 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0672 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0673 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0674 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0675 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0678 LT-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Wedding-Photography0679

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 Crow Hill Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Deborah + Richard got married at a catholic church in the centre of Huddersfield and held their reception at Crow Hill in Marsden, Yorkshire. Due to the layout of the property, with additional cottages on site, the wedding party stayed for the whole weekend, with both the bride and groom getting ready in adjacent houses. Having everybody in close proximity is a great opportunity for me as a photographer as it allows me to photograph both sides of the preparations as part of my c;clients wedding photography collections.

A lot of Deborah’s family had come over from Ireland and her dad even brought along his pubs resident band who were a great addition to the day. When I arrived in the morning the party from the night before was still going for some of the guests and this started off a fantastic day of celebrations, smiles and laughter – all the right ingredients for some brilliant wedding photography. The venue assists in this respect also as it has an array of locations to create any formal portraits and soft light spilling into the main house through its many windows. A photograph that I took of Deborah’s bridesmaid helping her put on her veil in the morning won an award with the AGWPJA of who I am an active member. This shot was taken against the large bay window in the bridal suite, which is a beautiful place to get ready before and to stay the night of your wedding.

The meal and evening reception take place in the onsite marque which has great soft lighting which enables me to get very clean photographs of the speeches using available light. The dance floor is also situated here and even has space for a band should you wish, however id recommend the resident DJ, Jeremy, who stands out from the many wedding suppliers I have worked with over the years.

DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0484 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0485 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0486 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0487 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0488 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0489 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0490 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0491 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0492 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0493 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0494 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0495 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0496 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0497 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0498 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0499 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0500 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0501 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0502 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0503 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0504 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0505 DR-Crow-Hill-Marsden-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0506

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