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Being a wedding photographer, the bulk of my work each year happens over summer months, with a gentle build up over spring and a wind down into winter, with the odd wedding around christmas and new year, before January arrives once again and its time to over haul the website and tidy up all of the loose ends from the previous year. I enjoy the pace that this seasonal approach to working allows me to structure my personal life around; it gives me space in the calendar to pursue personal projects and travel which both help to improve the quality of the photographs that I take at weddings.

I work by myself at 99% of the weddings that I cover, but very occasionally bring along a second photographer to help me cover parts of the day that I might not be able to see myself due to travel / logistical issues or commitments due to any formal shots that have been planned. The reason I don’t work with another photographer all the time is that the only ones I know and trust are also full time professionals themselves, and it is this factor that assures a complimentary coverage that isn’t a reproduction of what I have shot myself.

For this wedding I assisted a good friend who is based out of Puerto de Santa Maria on the southern coast of Spain. It was a large event with lots of guests in attendance and some logistical issues in terms of completing a list of family group shots and guests moving to the venue. I was asked if I fancied a little bit of winter sun and a days shooting in December and so I jumped on the chance to escape the dark December days in the UK. Here is a small selection of my favourite photos from the wedding that demonstrate the documentary nature of the photographs that I take at weddings.

MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0243 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0244 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0245 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0246 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0247 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0248 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0249 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0252 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0253 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0255 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0256 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0258 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0259 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0260 MC-Destination-Wedding-Photography0262

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