Manchester Wedding Photography

Manchester Wedding Photography

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the North of England and as such the diversity and variety within the city is a great reflection of the vibrant culture that exists. From traditional to vintage to not really a proper wedding, Manchester has something for everybody when it comes to planning your wedding.

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Hollie & Rob got married at Manchester Town Hall and booked me to cover their ceremony into the early evening after seeing the photographs that I produced from a wedding that they had attended as guests and seeing other photos that I had taken at their venue. With an emphasis on relaxed, no pressure to do anything photography, and with the architecture of the building a shared enjoyment, I was left to get on with the part of my work as a wedding photographer that I enjoy the most which is blending in and working with the available light and compositional elements.

After meeting with Rob and spending a short amount of time taking pictures of arriving guests and the run up to the wedding, I met with Hollie as she arrived with her Dad and bridesmaids. After making a grand entrance up the main staircase of the Town Hall, the ceremony room provided a photogenic setting to hold the ceremony, with beautiful sunlight streaming in from the large windows and an ornate decor that adds interest to the photos.

After the ceremony, the reception took place on the landing, with entertainment from a musician, before the meal was served in the Main Hall with speeches following. Afterwards I made a few portraits with the couple before the evening guests arrived for dancing and the night do.

Here is a small selection of photographs from Hollie + Rob’s wedding to demonstrate the candid nature of my wedding photography.

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 Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography

Jenny & Lenny got married at Manchester town Hall and then held their reception in the centre of town at Barca Bar. I photographed Lenny’s brothers wedding so it was nice to see lots of familiar faces again and this meant that within minutes I was accepted like a piece of furniture when I arrived to photograph the bridal preparations, in that my presence was quickly forgotten about as I got on with taking photos of the events around me.

Manchester Town Hall is an extremely grand building in the centre of town and having worked there before, I was aware of some of the best vantage points for some great photos that utilised the available light to dramatic effect and recorded the environment as part of the composition.  After the ceremony the couple took a quick walk through town to their Taxi, which I joined them in as we made our way to the bar. The reception took a leisurely pace outside making the most of the last of the evenings light.

I love informal weddings like this; the atmosphere was relaxed and social and there was no real itinerary once the ceremony was complete as the there was a buffet crowned with a Pork Pie wedding cake instead of a sit down meal. Some speeches provided a few interesting revelations and then later in the evening the couple had their first dance to a Bob Marley song. This single sentiment summed up the relationship that I observed between the couple that day – all of that fun, laughter and sincerity expressed in a simple 3 minute love song.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from their wedding to demonstrate the documentary style of my approach to photographing weddings.

JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0644 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0646 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0648 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0647 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0649 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0650 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0651 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0652 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0655 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0656 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0657 JL-Manchester-Wedding-Photography0658

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Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Natalie + Laszlo got married at Manchester Town Hall and then held their reception at The Corner House which is a short walk away across the city centre.  I met Natalie at The Midland Hotel, a local landmark and building steeped in history and character. Having gotten ready at home, the bridal party checked in ahead of the evenings festivities and then I joined them as they walked to the ceremony. Manchester Town Hall is a very photogenic building that is beautifully lit throughout and provides a perfect backdrop for the photos, with the grand staircase providing the composition for a few images.

I had a few moments before Natalie walked into the ceremony to watch for Laszlo’s reaction and the image that I captured perfectly conveys his calm and assured composure. The ceremony was an intimate tear jerker with a couple of speeches too; this is a great way to make a civil ceremony last a little bit longer and also personalises the day even more.  A few group shots were made inside before I joined the newly weds in a walk through town to meet the guests at the reception.

Here are a few photos that demonstrate the informal approach I take to photographing weddings.

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