Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Natalie + Laszlo got married at Manchester Town Hall and then held their reception at The Corner House which is a short walk away across the city centre.  I met Natalie at The Midland Hotel, a local landmark and building steeped in history and character. Having gotten ready at home, the bridal party checked in ahead of the evenings festivities and then I joined them as they walked to the ceremony. Manchester Town Hall is a very photogenic building that is beautifully lit throughout and provides a perfect backdrop for the photos, with the grand staircase providing the composition for a few images.

I had a few moments before Natalie walked into the ceremony to watch for Laszlo’s reaction and the image that I captured perfectly conveys his calm and assured composure. The ceremony was an intimate tear jerker with a couple of speeches too; this is a great way to make a civil ceremony last a little bit longer and also personalises the day even more.  A few group shots were made inside before I joined the newly weds in a walk through town to meet the guests at the reception.

Here are a few photos that demonstrate the informal approach I take to photographing weddings.

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