Rise Hall Wedding Photography East Yorkshire

Louise + Mark held their wedding celebration at Rise Hall in East Yorkshire. As well as being a glamorous manor building set in exquisite grounds and impeccably run by a dedicated and personable team, this luxury wedding venue is also owned by television and property personality Sarah Beeny. The bride stayed the night before the wedding in the beautiful bridal suite with the couples Lurcher, Taffy. This is another aspect of this venue that makes it such a great place to host your wedding as the entire hall can be hired for the weekend, bedrooms and kitchen included. When I arrived in the morning, Louise’s family were having breakfast which worked well for me as I started the day with a nice cup of coffee, and Mark arrived shortly after which meant that I was able to spend the morning wandering the rooms and corridors documenting the activities that lead up to the ceremony.

Ive heard many a time that you shouldn’t work with animals or children but i find this to be untrue as I enjoy working with the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of both groups, and often get great photographs from such occasions. The interaction between Louise and her dog that day was a joy to capture and he stuck to her heel like glue for most of the day, which for a dog lover and kennel cleaner at the Dogs Trust, brought a tear to my eye when I looked back at the photos I had taken that day.

Here is a small selection of photos from Louise and Mark’s Rise Hall wedding that demonstrate the unobtrusive documentary nature that I like to work within.

LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0757 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0758 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0759 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0760 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0761 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0762 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0763 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0764 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0765 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0766 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0767 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0768 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0769 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0770 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0771 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0773 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0775 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0776 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0777 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0778

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