Whitley Hall Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Louise & Dave got married in between christmas and new year at Whitley Hall near Sheffield in the heart of Yorkshire. The couple booked the venue and my services after seeing a wedding that I had photographed there previously, and reminded of an early milestone in their relationship at Whitley Hall, it seemed an appropriate place to seal the deal. Whitely Hall is a quaint venue with a beautiful cottage courtyard at the back that is a perfect place to host a wedding reception whatever time of the year. Inside the venue is cosy and has a perfect ambience for winter weddings.

Having a wedding all at the same place makes a lot of sense logistically and this in itself can relieve some of the perceived stress on a wedding day. For me its an advantage as it means that I can often cover both the bride and groom’s preparations which adds further variety to my coverage. This wedding had a strong family theme with the couples daughters both being flower girls and the firm friendship that they have with their bridesmaids and groomsmen highlighted throughout the day.

The speeches produced some interesting revelations before the rest of the day took a leisurely pace into the evenings festivities. After a first shuffle, the dance floor cleared and the bar resumed capacity but this provided the perfect arena for the kids to bust some moves and burn off some of the red bull and skittles that I think they must have had for their pudding, given the energy that they still had to burn.

Here is a small selection of images from the day that demonstrate the candid nature I aim to achieve with my wedding photography.


LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0725 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0727 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0728 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0735 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0737 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0738 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0740 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0741 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0742 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0748 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0750 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0751 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0754 LD-Whitley-Hall-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0756

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