Lisa + Lee’s Wortley Hall Wedding Photography

Lisa + Lee got married at Wortley Hall and booked me for 4 hours to cover all of the main events. The ceremony was scheduled for the afternoon which ensured that everyone had a very relaxed start to the day. It was a Thursday wedding too, meaning that most people that attended got a 4 day weekend that week by taking Friday off as well!

I photographed Lee’s best man’s wedding earlier in the year and the two of them are both talented tattoo artists so photographing both of their weddings was a very flattering opportunity for me.

The venue is conveniently located in South Yorkshire, which is within close commuting distance from Leeds. Set within beautifully kept grounds the building also offers lots of character, which is great to work with when taking photographs. The weather on the day provided more than we could have asked of it as we headed towards the pretty mild winter.

Lisa got ready with her bridesmaid who also provided make-up duties and her son’s dipped in and out of the room to provide necessary banter as the preparations progressed. Lee got ready at the venue also so I was able to split the time pre-ceremony between the two of them and the arriving guests.

When Lee did his best man duties earlier in the year he replaced the rings with haribo jelly sweets, which made a great picture on the day, so I was looking forward to seeing what he had in store for his own wedding. Lisa made a grand entrance with her son’s on each arm and as Lee turned to see his bride enter the room, he slipped some glasses from his pocket that had springing eyes. When Lisa got to the top of the aisle, Lee’s eye’s literally popped out of his head!

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