Crown Inn Roecliffe Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Lianne + Rob got married at the Crown Inn in Roecliffe, a quaint Yorkshire pub with tons of character which is located in a small village within the Vale of York. On the right day with the blessing of the weather gods, a wedding hosted here can comfortably spill into the village green which also provides some gentle shade for taking any formal shots. The ceremony takes place in the Medieval cow barn which is complete with Truss beams, stone flag flooring and exposed stonework, which all add the aesthetic of images captured in such an environment.

Lianne got ready with her sister and parents in the morning and it was great to be able to observe such tight relationships and capture them in photographs. This is one my favourite aspects of the style of photography that I offer for documenting weddings, in that when accepted as part of the group, I’m often able to get close to moments as they occur without distracting from their development. This ability to build a quick rapport is a skill that I have developed through years of working directly with people in intimate situations both as a wedding photographer and as a nurse.

The thought of having his photograph taken didn’t exactly fill Rob with excitement, so my relaxed approach to taking photographs was a perfect fit. I think part of the skill of taking candid and natural wedding photographs is to be conscious as a photographer of how your presence impacts on the events that you wish to capture. In Rob’s case that meant understanding that getting up close and personal earlier on in the day wouldn’t enhance his experience of the build up to the main event. In this respect I kept a noticeable  distance to allow him to become comfortable with my presence with a camera, and this respect for his personal space paid off later in the day when I was able to get closer without distracting him with my presence or the sound of my shutter.

Here is a small selection of images that demonstrate the documentary and candid nature in which I photograph weddings.

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