Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

The Town Hall in Leeds is one of the city’s landmark buildings and premier wedding ceremony venues. Set amongst the modern landscape of Leeds town centre, the historic architecture of the Town Hall makes a grand juxtaposition.


Nicola + Ian’s Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

Nicola + Ian got married at Leeds Town Hall and then held their reception at The Adelphi pub in the centre of town. The couple held their ceremony later in the day as it was the height of summer, however the heat of 2018’s summer radiated well into the evening.

I met Nicola at a hotel in town were she got ready with her bridal party and then we walked through town to meet Ian at the Town Hall. The couple got married in the Broderick suite, which is my favourite room to photograph in at this venue, as the light is generally really bright and even at any time of the year.

After a quick exchange of formalities and giggles, I walked through Leeds city Centre with Nicola + Ian to make a few portraits of them both together. As it was pride weekend, this offered a really colourful backdrop during our walk.

Ian is a big comic fan and so we were able to stop on route to the Adelphi to get a photo in his regular shop. When we got to the reception venue, the guests had all arrived before us so after making sure that everyone was hydrated, the speeches were done before everyone ate good old fashioned pub grub.

In the evening I went for a walk with the couple to make a few more photos of them both together and to utilize a few smoke bombs that Ian had brought along. The ensuing scene reminded me of a scene from a war film, and as we were in the center of town, I don’t think that Ill be volunteering to do these kinds of photo’s again!

I received this message from Nicola + Ian when they got their photo’s back:

“We sat down to have a proper look through all the pictures the other day and they are just wonderful. Thank you for everything you did, numerous people have commented on how great you were. Also, I want to say a big thank you for being so calming and helpful on the morning, it made a massive difference.  Again, thank you for putting us both at ease, being fun and doing an amazing job. “

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Karen + Jovan’s Leeds Town Hall Wedding | Oulton Hall Wedding Photographer

Karen + Jovan booked me to cover 3 hours of their wedding day and got married at Leeds Town Hall and then held a Tea Ceremony at Oulton Hall. I met with the couple and their arriving guests at the Town Hall as I started around 30 minutes before the ceremony, after which I spent some time in the centre of Leeds creating a few portrait photo’s with the bride and groom before we headed to Oulton Hall where the couple were having their reception.

Karen got changed when we arrived and then the couple held a Chinese Tea Ceremony with Karen’s family. Having never photographed such an event before it was an interesting opportunity to observe another tradition around the culture of marriage and as always it was a privilege to be able to document this for the couple and their families.

I received this feedback from Karen when the couple had looked through their photo’s:

“Just wanted to say thank you for your photography services. I really appreciated how you were very professional, effective, had clear directions but also took the time to listen and work with our requests. I was worried that there would be loads of photo bombers and people trying to get their pictures taken on the day, but you never took your attention off of Jovan and myself for which I really appreciated! Also, at times while I was searching for my bridesmaid’s/ family, and even Jovan sometimes, you were always on hand and ready which I was very impressed with!!! ……. Anyways, the PICTURES LOOK AMAZING, I am so happy with how they turned out!”

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Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography | Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Jes & Rich got married at Leeds Town Hall and then hosted a relaxed meal at The Flying Pizza on Street Lane in Roundhay. The couple booked me to cover their ceremony, a few shots of them both afterwards in the town centre and the reception at the restaurant where they were joined by close family. With it being a smaller wedding, as opposed to observing events from a close distance, the intimacy of the occasion required me to become another of the guests and in this respect, its always a great honour being asked to join someones family for the day and share with them one of the most special days of their lives.

I met Rich at the Town Hall briefly before Jes arrived with her Dad. The couple have a young son and it was great watching the relationship between the three of the them as the day unfolded, and he certainly played a main role throughout. After the ceremony we all went up to the restaurant, where a few hours were spent leisurely celebrating, before the couple headed home to watch some Saturday night TV, which seems to me to be the perfect end to a perfect day!

I got this feedback from the couple when they received their photos:

“They are absolutely amazing – and exactly what we wanted, we cant thank you enough! We already have the prints you gave us up on the wall (that one of me and my Pa made me cry as soon as I opened the parcel). There are some great memories you have captured, and a few that we really don’t remember!”

Here are a few pics from Jes & Rich’s wedding to demonstrate the style of my wedding photography.

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 Leeds Club Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Nicola + Mark had a small and intimate wedding in the centre of Leeds, marrying at Leeds Town Hall and then holding their reception at The Leeds Club, a grade 2 listed Victorian building that covers events in West Yorkshire and is only a short walk away from the Town Hall. The couple live down in London and came back just for the wedding and arranged everything through email so on the day I was expecting a bride in a white dress to be arriving and was slightly anxious that I didn’t know what she looked like. The wedding was at Halloween and before Nicola and Mark, couples queued to get married in fancy dress and I wondered what I would be photographing that afternoon. As I awaited a bride in a white dress I casually caught some photos of a lady in a green dress who turned out to be Nicola, not wearing white but also not in fancy dress either.

Id already captured Mark and both families arriving and the bridesmaids waited in the comfort of the shade as it was unusually warm and sunny for an autumn afternoon. After Nicolas arrival we spent some time in the entrance to the hall where the grim reaper also waited for his turn with the registrar, the array of morbid characters providing a strong juxtaposition with the elegance of Nicola and the wedding party.

After a brief ceremony I accompanied the couple to the reception venue where some group shots were completed before drinks and canapés were served. I was booked to cover the reception and left as everyone sat down for their meal. A shorter day than usual but for a mid week wedding, a great afternoon and an alternative take on the 12-16 hour days that I often cover.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from Nicola + Marks wedding to demonstrate the candid style I aim to achieve with my Yorkshire Wedding Photography.

NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0843 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0844 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0845 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0846 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0848 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0849 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0853 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0855 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0857 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0859 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0861 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0862 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0863 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0865 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0866 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0867 NM-Leeds-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0868

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 Kirkstall Abbey Wedding Photographer Leeds

Eleanor and Rich got married at Leeds Town Hall and then held their reception at Kirkstall Abbey in the Gate house, which has a ideal room for the meal and evening party, and is beautifully illuminated with considerate lighting and a large window that is a real centre piece. There is also the option to go into the attached museum which I have done on a previous wedding and this created some very different wedding photography as the museum is a cobbled victorian street complete with shops that you can go into. The abbey is conveniently located just over the road also and this lends itself to some great photo opportunities too. The emphasis of my work at weddings however is to document the people and events that unfold before me. To do this well I need to become a part of the wedding party and experience the day as though an active guest. Everyone at this wedding was so relaxed and intent on enjoying themselves that within five minutes they had forgotten that I was taking photos and this adds even more fun to my work.

I met Eleanor and her bridal party at her home before heading up to the ceremony. The atmosphere was very calm in the morning with a hint of mischief as the bride and her bridesmaids got ready together upstairs, while the rest of the family mingled, ate and slowly prepared for their daughters wedding. I love this initial period spent with families as it give me chance to win over the bridesmaids (perhaps the social key to the smooth flowing of the rest of the day) and also endear myself to parents, who are hopefully there too. This cheeky charm offensive isn’t necessarily intended to win friends and influence people, although that does help in this line of work! It means however that later on in the day when the there is a more solomn or intimate moment, that that person will be more open to sharing it with me as the photographer and this means great photos for the couples that I work with.

ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0507 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0508 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0510 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0511 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0512 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0513 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0514 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0515 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0516 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0519 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0520 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0521 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0522 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0523 ER-Kirkstall-Abbey-Leeds-Wedding-Photography0524

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