Carlton Towers Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

This is the second part of Kiran + Sam’s Wedding, a day that started in Bingley at 4.30am followed by a Sikh wedding ceremony in Doncaster at 8.30am. After which lunch was served while the bride and groom set off to change at Carlton Towers, before their second ceremony of the day at Selby Abbey. On the way to the second instalment of the day I dipped into East Yorkshire which meant that I covered all 4 corners of the county in the course of photographing this wedding, the day before the wedding was the tour of Yorkshire which seemed a fitting title for this celebration too!

Selby Abbey is a magnificent structure that has stood as a place of worship for over 1000 years. Located close to York and very near to Carlton Towers, it proved a grand setting for the conclusion of the days blessings. In contrast to the ceremony earlier in the day, I was very familiar with the run of events that occurred during this service, however the couple observed a south Indian marriage traditional where Sam draped a blessed shawl over Kiran and this produced a beautiful image of  this  sentimental moment.

The reception took place at the beautiful Carlton Towers, where champagne was served on arrival and a friend entertained everyone by playing the piano. The couple were announced into the meal by some drummers and then the meal was staggered with speeches and dancing taking place between courses. It was getting on for 10pm when the food was finally finished and this was a nice way to structure the time as the dancing was still going at midnight when I finally packed up my gear and set off for home.

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