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Katie + Matt got married at St John’s Church near Doncaster and then held their reception at Ye Old Bell Hotel in Retford. The preparation took place at the hotel also with the church a short commute away. The weather on the day was beautiful, with strong hot sunshine illuminating the events and creating great photo opportunities throughout the day.

I spent a couple of hours with Katie and her bridal party and it was good fun mingling with the mayhem and watching for some really nice moments between Katie and her friends and family.

The vicar conducting the ceremony had a great personality and allowed me to photograph throughout the ceremony so I was able to get some great photos for the couple.

I blended into the rest of the events throughout the day and observed the events as they unfolded. I take photos of lots of different things and combinations of people but within this process I’m watching for a moment to develop so often end up with photo’s either side of the one that I deliver.

A good example can be seen within this set of photos during the reception after the ceremony. The bride was stood at the bar with her dad and sister in law so I got a picture of this composition. I continued to watch this situation to see if any more interaction occurred, as this would enhance the photo that I had just taken. After a couple of minutes with a bit of chat while the drinks were being served, Katie leaned over and kissed her dad on the cheek which gave me the photo I had hoped for and meant that I was on to the next.

I received this feedback from Katie + Matt when they got their photo’s back”

“The photos are absolutely breath taking. So so happy with them. The Slideshow had me in absolute bits!

Thank you so much for being so calm and collected and for taking the shots we weren’t expecting. Really was ace having you on board.

Thank you so much :-)”

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