Danby Castle Wedding Photography North Yorkshire

Kathryn + Carl got married at Danby Castle, located in the north Yorkshire moors near to Whitby, it is a venue stepped in character and history and offers Brontesque views across the sprawling moorland. After a hot summer, the weather decided to release some of the moisture and it rained non stop all day long. Despite being undesired, the rain didn’t halt any of the proceedings and in a lot of ways helped to empathise the intimacy of the day and gave me some practice ahead of the low light of winter weddings. Danby Castle has lots of snug corners and warm lighting that makes the ambience really inviting and the environment is like a home from home, with big sofas inviting you to put your feet up.

The wedding was very family orientated, with the couple’s children playing pivotal roles and provided plenty of photo opportunities throughout the day. I started the day with Kathryn and her family and bridesmaids as they all got ready amidst babies and young children running, shuffling and crawling everywhere. After a couple of hours and when Kathryn was in her dress I set off to the castle in order to capture some establishing shots and to be in a good position to capture the brides arrival.

After the ceremony the reception took place in the bar area before the meal is served. This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day to capture as the majority of the important aspects of the day have been completed and its time for everyone to relax and start enjoying the party, which is exciting for me due to the spontaneity and unpredictability of the images that I am able to capture.

Here are a few photo’s from Kathryn and Carl’s wedding to demonstrate the candid nature of my wedding photography.

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