Teepee Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Jemma & Kenny got married in the height of summer, doing the legal bit during the week and holding their celebration on a Saturday in Jemma’s sister’s back garden overlooking the North Yorkshire countryside near to Whitby. The couple hired a large teepee and some soul singers and the day was then set for a full on party with catering on hand with a fully stocked bar and BBQ. The day started with the promise of strong sunshine and sure enough it materialised on que as the ceremony began. This created a bit of a hurdle in terms of working with the light to produce images of a strong standard, however I was given the freedom to move around and take full advantage of the moments when the sun disappeared behind a cloud; at one point I was able to shoot into the sun and hide the it behind on of the lamp shades that decorated the aisle.

I started the day with Jemma and her bridal party at the family home, while Kenny got ready at a nearby pub. Given the close proximity of everything, I was able to meet Kenny for a few minutes as he finished his preparations before heading back to capture Jemma’s final preparations as she got into her dress. After the ceremony the couple requested a photo of them both against the view of Whitby from the churchyard near to the Abbey, and on the walk back noticed a young girl dancing on the grave of some one, which gave me an image with an interesting context to it. The rest of the day unfolded at a very casual pace with the soul singers providing some of the best entertainment that Ive seen at a wedding before everyone filled the dance floor and danced the night away.

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