Hull Wedding Photography

Hull Wedding Photography

Hull, Capital of Culture 2017 is one of the jewels of Yorkshire. Often overlooked and understated, the city and its surrounding countryside host some of the country’s finest wedding venues.

Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photography | East Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Amy + Rich got held their wedding reception at Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire and got married at St Nicholas Church in Haxey in South Yorkshire. Amy was a bridesmaid at a wedding that I had photographed a year so previously, and so I was excited to be covering her wedding for her too.

I met Amy and her family at Saltmarshe Hall in the morning and photographed them getting ready in glorious low winter sunlight; the couple got married on New Year’s Eve so the number of daylight hours was limited. Strong sunlight can be pretty tricky to work with, but with patience and perseverance I was able to capture some striking images.

I met with Rich at the church and after a beautiful ceremony the guests headed up to the reception where we did a few group shots indoors before the meal was served. After some emotional speeches, the reception took a leisurely pace before the bride had a first dance with her dad and then her husband before the guests all joined them on the dance floor where they danced in the New Year.

Amy + Rich sent me this feedback when they received their photo’s:

“We went through the photos last night and they are fabulous! We are going to host a drinks night to show them off tonight. Thank you again – we will recommend you to anyone getting married! “

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Rowley Manor Wedding Photography East Yorkshire

Julia & Graham got married in the Autumn and chose Rowley Manor as their venue. Nestled in the Yorkshire Wolds, Rowley Manor is a country house hotel with a beautiful church on site too. Situated close to Hull and within close distance of the motorway, it is an ideal location for anyone looking for some where special to hold their wedding celebration, with extensive well maintained gardens and grounds for families, guests and young people to explore and several bedrooms to host weary dancers at the end of the evening, the venue has everything that you might be looking for when it comes to planning your wedding.

Julia + Graham’s wedding was all about two families becoming one with each of the couple’s daughters playing the role of bridesmaid on the day. I met Julia and the girls at a spa in the morning where they were all having their hair and makeup done and after about an hour set off to the venue to capture some establishing shots before the guests started to arrive. I then spent a bit more time with Julia and the girls as they got ready and flitted between them and the Groom as he arrived with the guests. The ceremony was held in an ornate library room that had great light to work with and the odd tear too, and then afterwards some time was spent outside creating some group shots before the reception and speeches unfolded leisurely. After the meal evening guests arrived and the reception continued until the first dance.

Here is a small selection of images from Julia + Grahams wedding to demonstrate the style of photography that I produce at weddings.

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Church Wedding Photography | Leeds Wedding Photographer

Katy + Eddie got married mid week at St Mary’s Church in Cottingham, East Yorkshire and then held their reception at Rowley Manor, a hotel set in beautiful grounds and the rolling Yorkshire wolds a quick drive away from the ceremony. The couple booked me for a few hours to cover the actual wedding and a short reception that they held at the church for friends and family who had to get back to work and couldn’t attend the drinks reception at the hotel later on.

I arrived at the church early to get some establishing shots and to capture the arrival of the Groom and guests before the Bride and her bridesmaids arrived. Being the height of summer, the weather didn’t disappoint and we were blessed with glorious sunshine and blue skies, and the warmth of the day was felt inside the church with the sun beautifully illuminating it.

After the ceremony, drinks and cake were served and everyone relaxed for an hour before heading up to the hotel were we completed a few family groups and a couple of portraits of the newly weds. I then covered until everyone was ready to be seated for the meal.

Here are a few photos from the wedding to demonstrate the style of photography that I produce when covering social events.

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Wold Top Brewery Wedding Photography York

Sam + Kris held their wedding celebration at Wold Top Brewery, located in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire dales and not too far from Driffield. The venue is a working brewery and commissions a  special brew for each wedding that it hosts, made to the exact specifications of the bride and groom. With beautiful gardens and a large indoor marquee, it is perhaps one of the most unique locations to host a wedding. The couple wanted to have the ceremony in the gardens, and as the clouds rolled in, this decision was left until the last minute. The couple had married earlier in the week and had a humanist ceremony conducted by Sam’s uncle on the day, which makes the whole process more intimate and also gives me a bit of free reign when it comes to taking photos.

Sam got ready at some cottages close to the venue and had a leisurely morning with her bridesmaids before her step-mum arrived to do her make-up. After she got into her dress I set off to meet up with Kris and the arriving guests. When I arrived Kris and his best man were in the gardens enjoying a break in the weather. This break continued and the couple were able to have their ceremony outside and even enjoyed some of the ceremony there before the heavens literally opened and emptied what felt like its entire contents. This didn’t put a damper on any of the festivities, with a well stocked bar, the guests were more than taken care of. After the speeches, there was a bit of time to digest everything before the band started and everyone danced the night away.

Here are a few photos from Sam and Kris’ wedding to demonstrate the documentary approach I take to photographing weddings.

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Rudstone Walk Wedding Photography | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Nicola + Nathan got married at the beautiful little church in Brantingham, a small village in the East Yorkshire Wolds. They then held their reception in the local country side at Rudstone Walk, a small hotel with a barn and grounds suitable to host small wedding parties, with long views across the fields, a small garden and a nice terrace. The couple got married in late spring and we were rewarded on the day with warm summer like weather which enhanced the relaxed and jovial atmosphere that existed from the moment I arrived in the morning.

Nicola got ready at her parents house with the bridal party and I spent a couple of hours with them before heading up to the church. I met Nathan and his groomsmen at the local pub and spent a bit of time there with them before we walked up to meet the arriving guests. I have covered several weddings at this church and it is notorious for not allowing any photography during the ceremony, I even spent one service outside and awaited the bride and groom as they departed! Times have however changed and the new vicar was a lot more accommodating, allowing me to capture the brides arrival and the signing of the register. They had some good hymns during the service so my frustrations at not being allowed to take any photos were at least absorbed in a bit of singing.

After the ceremony everyone headed over to the reception were a lengthy period was spent relaxing with drinks and canapés before the rest of the day unfolded and everyone danced the night away.

Here are a few photos from Nicola and Nathan’s wedding to highlight the candid documentary style that I photograph weddings in.

NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0299 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0300 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0301 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0302 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0303 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0304 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0305 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0308 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0309 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0310 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0312 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0313 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0314 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0315 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0316 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0317 NN-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0318

Alex Abbott is a Leeds Based Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Rise Hall Wedding Photography East Yorkshire

Louise + Mark held their wedding celebration at Rise Hall in East Yorkshire. As well as being a glamorous manor building set in exquisite grounds and impeccably run by a dedicated and personable team, this luxury wedding venue is also owned by television and property personality Sarah Beeny. The bride stayed the night before the wedding in the beautiful bridal suite with the couples Lurcher, Taffy. This is another aspect of this venue that makes it such a great place to host your wedding as the entire hall can be hired for the weekend, bedrooms and kitchen included. When I arrived in the morning, Louise’s family were having breakfast which worked well for me as I started the day with a nice cup of coffee, and Mark arrived shortly after which meant that I was able to spend the morning wandering the rooms and corridors documenting the activities that lead up to the ceremony.

Ive heard many a time that you shouldn’t work with animals or children but i find this to be untrue as I enjoy working with the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of both groups, and often get great photographs from such occasions. The interaction between Louise and her dog that day was a joy to capture and he stuck to her heel like glue for most of the day, which for a dog lover and kennel cleaner at the Dogs Trust, brought a tear to my eye when I looked back at the photos I had taken that day.

Here is a small selection of photos from Louise and Mark’s Rise Hall wedding that demonstrate the unobtrusive documentary nature that I like to work within.

LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0757 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0758 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0759 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0760 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0761 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0762 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0763 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0764 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0765 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0766 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0767 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0768 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0769 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0770 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0771 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0773 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0775 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0776 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0777 LM-Rise-Hall-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0778

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