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Hazlewood Castle is one of Yorkshire’s grandest wedding venues; centrally located within a short distance of both Leeds & York, it is a luxurious location to host your wedding, and I always enjoy being the photographer at events here. The building is awash inside with beautiful light and decadent decoration and both of these elements lend themselves to great wedding photography. With pockets of light dotted throughout the venue, whatever the season, I always find lots of exciting opportunities for good photos. Set in beautiful parklands and landscaped grounds, the historic Castle adds a fairytale backdrop and provides first class hosting for any wedding celebration.

I met the bridal party in the morning at the brides family home and spent a couple of hours with them, quietly watching the interactions and observing the relationships between them all while documenting the events at play. I find this time in the morning useful in terms getting to know people and understanding who is who in relation to the bride and groom. Im aware of names before the wedding day due to the planning meeting I do before each wedding that I photograph, however until I have a face to put to the name its impossible to anticipate the reactions that might develop. When Ive had time to watch the interactions and catch the little glances between these people, Im better able to understand what they mean to each other and who they each are as personalities and this helps me to capture authentic images that are a true representation of the people that mean the most to the bride and groom.

Here is a small selection of photographs from a Hazlewood Castle wedding that demonstrates the documentary style that I work in.

ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0264 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0266 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0267 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0268 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0270 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0271 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0272 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0274 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0275 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0276 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0277 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0279 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0280 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0281 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0282 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0283 ND-Hazelwood-Castle-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0284

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