Harrogate Wedding Photography

Harrogate Wedding Photography

Harrogate has been voted one of the best places in the UK to live. Just outside of Leeds in North Yorkshire it has lots of great places to get married too.

Fountains Abbey Wedding Photographer

David + Stuart booked me for three hours to cover their wedding ceremony and reception in August 2018. The couple held their celebration at Fountains Abbey, which is located close to Ripon and is one of the most spectacular settings to get married in Yorkshire.

The ceremony was held in the walled gardens and with the attendance of close friends and family, the couple said ‘I do’ with beautiful views and blue skies over head. The ceremony had a few laughs and a few tears, which always make great photographs for the couple to remember their day by.

After the ceremony drinks and canapés were served in the gardens and I mingled with the guests before I went with the newly weds to the ruins of the abbey to spend ten minutes getting a few photo’s of the both together before we said our good byes.

I received this message from David when the couple got their photo’s back:

“Thank you SO much for these; they’re everything we wanted – absolutely stunning!

Last Friday was a dream; we can’t thank you enough for capturing it so beautifully and fitting into the day so well. You also get the star prize for capturing photos of my mum with her eyes open and my dad with a smile… a very rare occurrence!!”

Alex Abbott is a Leeds Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch.

Markington Hall Wedding Photographer

Claire + James held their wedding celebration at Markington Hall, with the ceremony held in a woodland glen with origami swans and fairy lighting decorating the tree’s all around them, and then held their reception within the grounds and a large marquee.

The couple booked me to cover their ceremony through till the early evening and so I arrived approximately 1 hour before things began in order to meet a few of the guests as they turned up and also to get an idea of the layout for the festivities. 

I was well situated for the arrival of both the bride and groom as they both arrived independently of each other with their respective families in tow. As the venue was so open I had lots of opportunities to capture a variety of images from the ceremony that included the environment. The couple also held a tea ceremony, which are always great for getting photo’s of groups of family members together whilst they are distracted from the lens.

Afterwards I mingled amongst a very relaxed reception and did a few family shots with the couple and a few portraits before everyone was seated for the meal and speeches. In the early evening, the guest enjoyed the grounds of the venue and the fine weather of early summer before a Ceilidh band kicked off the evening entertainment and I dodged swinging guests as they got more confused by the string of instructions that was fed to them

I received this feedback from Claire + James when they received their photos:

“Many thanks for getting the photos ready for us so quickly! We loved watching the slide show and flicking through them at night. They really capture the emotion of the day, which is really super. Exactly what we wanted with the style of shots. “

Ripley Wedding Photographer | North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Beth and Joe got married at the Church in Ripley opposite the castle and then held their reception in the village hall, which they dressed themselves with hand made decorations. The couple booked me to cover 5 hours of the day which allowed for one hours cover of the bridal preparations up until the end of the speeches which were held before the meal was served. This length of cover is my favourite package that I offer as it allows me to capture all of the main events and still have feeling in my feet the following day!

Beth got ready with her flower girls at her parents house and within the hour that I spent with them I was able to capture a lovely sequence of images that captured the relationships within the household and told the story of the unfolding wedding day.

Church ceremonies are always fun to photograph as they last so much longer than civil ceremonies, which allows me time to look for photographs and get some variety in my coverage. After the ceremony I went for a short walk with the couple to get a few photo’s of them together before we walked up to the village hall for the reception where the couple had also put on a display of Birds of Prey.

I received this message from Beth + Joe when they looked through their photo’s:

“Hi Alex, We wanted to say thank you so much for the photos – they are absolutely beautiful and we completely love them.  We’ve had a few printed out and framed and everyone who has seen them has commented on how wonderful they are, and how much they’ve captured the spirit of the day.”

I photograph Weddings throughout Yorkshire and within a distance of 1 and a half hours drive from Leeds. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding.

Goldsborough Hall Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Lydia & Stu got married at Goldsborough Hall in November. The couple live in Texas in America, and Stu is from Australia, so to say that they were getting married in Yorkshire in winter intrigued me when I initially received their enquiry. It turns out that Lydia is originally from near Leeds, so the couple married in the royal splendour of one of Yorkshire’s grandest settings and even managed to make use of the grounds to make some family group shots, despite it not being as cold or damp as it could have been for this time of year, one of the pressing things with winter weddings is the shorter days, and as the daylight reduced everyone headed inside to enjoy the warmth and hospitality.

Stu and his groomsmen got ready in the local pub in Goldsborough so I spent my time in the morning between the bride and groom as Lydia got ready in the main Hall with her bridal party. Scenarios like this can create logistical issues, but as everything took its pace leisurely with the ladies, the gents were ready in around 15 minutes after which they headed up to the Hall where it made splitting the time between them both a bit easier to manage and on my legs! The couple married in the local church which is set within the grounds of Goldsborough and also has a a sneaky back gate that leads back up to the reception.

After a short reception, everyone was seated for the meal and the speeches , which produced a few tears and lots of laughs. The couple then went into their first dance and the evening do. I was booked to stay until 11pm, which meant that I was able to capture the whole day, having met Lydia and her bridesmaids as they were eating breakfast to the last drunken dance as the DJ played one of his final tracks.

Alex Abbott is a Leeds Wedding Photographer, covering Yorkshire and the North of England. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

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    Great coverage. Love the confetti and party pics!
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Farm Wedding Photography | Harrogate Wedding Photographer

Naomi + Duncan booked me to cover their not a wedding celebration in August. Not wanting all of the fuss associated with a large wedding, the couple married in a small ceremony earlier in the day and celebrated with a meal with close family afterwards. Meanwhile on their small farmyard, their friends set up a festival themed reception complete with multiple bars, camping, cows, chickens, their cat and an anthemic soundtrack to match.

I arrived slightly before the couple did to allow me familiarise myself with the layout and get some establishing shots of the environment and then managed to catch the couple and their immediate family walking across the landscape as I was doing so. The atmosphere was really relaxed with the sun glaring and people sat around chatting, playing cards and participating in the quiz. As the afternoon unfolded more guests arrived and the drinks began to flow. The location gave me a really unique backdrop to work against and the events that took place lent themselves to images that you might not normally associate with a wedding day, with the resident mother hen attacking guests that she perceived to be too close to her chicks, to the cows that needed feeding, but fortunately for Naomi and Duncan, one of the guests took care of this duty, allowing them a day off to literally enjoy the fruits of their labour, having spent over a year preparing the place for the big event.

Despite being a day without the formalities of a typical wedding day, Naomi’s dad couldn’t resist giving a toast to his daughter, which was a beautiful moment to throw in, despite it falling under the banner of a formality! Here is a small selection of images to demonstrate the style of my wedding photography.

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Alex Abbott is a documentary Wedding Photographer based in Leeds and covering Yorkshire. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Rudding Park Wedding Photography Leeds

Alex + Jonathan held their wedding celebration at Rudding Park, located within close proximity of Harrogate, Leeds and York, it is a grand hotel that hosts several celebrity faces too; the last time that I was there I bumped into Dynamo, who was quickly ushered away by a very large gentleman. The couple got married in the onsite chapel and then held their reception in the gardens where we all retreated to the shade on offer from the hot July sunshine.

I met with Alex and her bridesmaids as they all got ready in a makeshift room as the bridal suite was still in use from the night before. This proved a bit of a blessing as Im usually restricted by a large bed in the middle of the room when working in hotel bedrooms, so to have a large well lit airy room on a hot morning was a relief for everyone and the perfect environment to get ready in before you get married midday during July.

The couple have a young daughter who started the day being very shy and maybe a bit overwhelmed by everything that was happening around her, but by backing off with the camera and observing her from a distance I was able to capture some beautiful photos with her in, and this seems to be a winning formula when working with young children as when asked to perform for the camera, I will be given one of two responses, one of which doesn’t work for a posed photo and often leaves the young person in a bit of a mood, but by leaving them to their own devices, it allows me to capture a more authentic photograph that is a truer reflection of their personalities.

Here are a few photographs from Alex + Jonathan’s wedding to demonstrate the relaxed documentary nature that I look to produce in my wedding photography.

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Alex Abbott is a Leeds based Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

 Old Deanery Wedding Photography Ripon

Kaye & Wayne had a winter wedding at The Old Deanery in Ripon, North Yorkshire. With a ceremony later on in the afternoon and without the stresses of any real formalities, this wedding started off as it meant to carry on, with a relaxed lie in and a later start to the day. Kaye got ready largely by herself as her bridesmaids all got ready at their own pace in adjoining rooms, and later joined her just before she descended the staircase to the wedding ceremony. I used this time before the service to flit between the arriving guests and bride and without a list of formal shots to complete, was able to naturally document the people and events and blend in as though one of the guests. I love working like this as Im often assumed to be a friend of the bride and groom with a camera, which instantly reduces some of the evident anxiety that becomes noticeable as soon as you are introduced as a professional photographer to some folk.

After the ceremony the rest of the day revolved around a warm and intimate reception set in front of a roaring fire and flowing mulled wine. Snow fluttered gently outside and this reinforced the cosiness of the gathering inside. The meal was candle lit and this added to the ambience and the soft focus of the open aperture that I used in the low light created a beautiful aesthetic to the images captured during the speeches. As I started a bit later that day I stayed into the evening when a band took over and the newlyweds and their friends and family danced the evening away.

KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0214 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0215 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0216 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0218 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0219 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0220 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0217 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0221 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0222 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0223 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0224 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0226 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0227 KW-TheOldDeanery-Ripon-Wedding-Photography0230

Alex Abbott is a documentary wedding photographer based in Leeds. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Kettlesing Millennium Hall Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Anna & Paul got married on a warm summers day in Leeds, holding their reception at Kettlesing Millennium Hall, decorated in bunting and hay bales, the day summed up what a summer Yorkshire wedding is all about – partying that long day away in fields in the country side with all of your favourite people and a warm golden glow from the summer sun.

I met Anna in the morning at the hairdressers where she had her hair done with her sister before getting ready at home with her bridesmaids and parents. This group of people genuinely felt like one big family and that was the running theme throughout the day – lots of fun with an emphasis on the importance of a close family unit.

I met Paul and the arriving guests at Oakwood Church in Leeds before Anna arrived. Afterwards we all travelled up to the Millennium Hall where an Ice-cream van awaited us and the sunshine illuminated this fete themed wedding; and after a tea of scones, sandwiches and cakes we spent some time frolicking in the fields and made some photos of the couple together.

Due to the nature of the Hall, the couple and their wedding party decorated the whole venue, complete with an Ibiza chill out room and a live band in the other, while outside a fish and chip van served food to soak up some of the booze that the cocktail bar that was serving in deceptively small and potent quantities, and as the night time drew in, the fete became a festival with glow sticks to boot.

The couple booked me to stay until 11pm and this is a great idea for more relaxed weddings days such as this one. It means that the casual flow of events is not interrupted by a deadline in terms of the photography coverage, as is often the case with a good party, they get a bit more hair raising as the hours get on and its great for me as a photographer to be able to capture these memories for sober eyes to view.

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Alex Abbott is an award winning Leeds Wedding Photographer working throughout Yorkshire. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.