Wood Hall Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Grace & Dave got married on an extremely sunny autumnal Saturday, holding their wedding ceremony at a church in Leeds, and then hosting their reception at Wood Hall in Wetherby. The couple chose six hours of coverage which meant that I started the day at the church in time to capture the groom and his groomsmen arriving, shortly followed by Grace, who made a grand entrance beautifully backlit by the strong sunshine. Church ceremonies are always longer than a civil ceremony, which is great for the photographer as it allows them more time to capture a variety of images. I generally find that vicars are old hands at dealing with wedding photographers and have already seen every type of mis-behaviour, so as long as i can re-iterate that list and assure them that I won’t do any of the above, they are normally very understanding about me taking photographs discreetly, with respect for the ceremony that is taking place.

Wood Hall is a lovely hotel set in the rural back lanes of Wetherby. The venue is approached by a long drive way with magnificent views of the sprawling Yorkshire countryside, and the grand entrance of the Hall. The reception took place on the front courtyard, and as the weather cooled, everyone progressed inside and were then seated for the meal. The speeches revealed some interesting revelations, particularly from  the best men, however I like to keep my site family friendly so won’t repeat what was said!

In the evening time was spent leisurely, relaxing around the hotel. These unstructured periods are some of my favourites during the day as they give me the challenge of producing clean photographs from often crowded and tight spaces. The first dance was followed with a dance off between friends which set the pace for the rest of the evening, and also some great photo opportunities.

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