Festival Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Ive known Georgia since she was a little girl so to be the photographer at her wedding to Mark and record the moment that she became a proper adult was an honour. This wedding was never going to follow any tradition in a lot of respects, but based around the solemn promises made to each other during a humanistic ceremony performed by a close friend, the weekend was a non stop party with camping, a line-up of DJ’s, bonfires and lots of great food, company and fun.

The couple used a field in the lake district and set up a large mess tent to host the reception and invited all of their guests to camp for the weekend. I arrived on the Friday to capture some of the preparations, however opted to stay in a local B&B with hot running water and a radiator. Despite this I was awoken the following morning by the same cows that gave the alarm call for the campers. I always arrive early on wedding days as it allows me to blend in and get my face known before the real festivities begin, however in true festival style, things were already in full swing when I arrived. It was a glorious morning and I wandered around the tents where people were getting ready, listening to music and relaxing in the sunshine. This chilled vibe continued well into the afternoon and well past the scheduled ceremony time, but it wasn’t a problem and thats one of the things that I loved most about this wedding; plans were made and plans were changed, some were even ditched as all that mattered was that everyone that these guys cared about was in the same place and enjoying themselves.

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