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Gemma and Euan got married back in 2014, holding their reception  at Harewood House before it closed its doors to hosting weddings at the venue. Having photographed a couple of weddings at Harewood House before this wedding, it was great to be able capture a third before this decision was made. The couple got married at the church in Collingham, which is just down the road, and is a beautifully quaint church on the outskirts of Leeds, and within driving distance from York and surrounding areas. One of the fondest memories I have of this wedding is the vicar who conducted the ceremony as she had a great sense of humour and a really warm and personable personality; its characters like this that make the wedding industry a fantastic place to  work, as the spirit of marriage and everything that a wedding celebrates is personified through people like this.

Church weddings offer a traditional aspect to the wedding day and for me offers some variety in the proceedings and coverage of the events. With tradition often come a required respect for values and formality, and in this case I was asked to capture the ceremony from the back of the church, where I was able to observe the ceremony discreetly as a guest in one of the pews.

The couple hired a vintage campervan to drive Gemma to the church and then the newly weds to the reception venue. After being showered with confetti when they walked out from the church, I was able to capture an intimate moment between the two of them framed within the window of the campervan while everyone else proceeded to Harewood House.

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