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How do you approach a wedding and what makes you different?

I offer an honest interpretation of your wedding day; while I try to remain discreet when working, its often pretty apparent that I’m the guy with the camera as I will be following you both around all day, standing at the front of your service (with the vicars permission!) and potentially arranging any small group shots.  In this respect I will act as an observant participant in that I aim to do all of this with as little fuss as possible and without taking you away from the day that you have spent so long planning and saving for. I also like to have a laugh with you all – I feel privileged to be a part of it all

I like to think then that my photographs are about the interactions that occur on your day wedding day that are captured around the formalities that exist and what makes me different is that the images that I create will be a presentation of how I witnessed your day; everyone interprets a scene, emotions and body language differently, and its these nuances that make each photographers point of view unique to them.

I’ve also won a few awards, been published in some prestigious publications and even been exhibited in LA. I use my spare time to travel and document my experiences and I bring all of this to the way that I approach your wedding. You can read more about my style by clicking here.

Have you always photographed weddings?

Before I took up wedding photography I was a mental health nursing assistant. These experiences enable me to integrate myself within new environments and groups of people fairly quickly, and despite being the guy with the camera, I’m often just another guest too and this means that I’m able to capture lots of the things that happen that you often don’t get to see. I also have experience of working in lots of different light and weather conditions and have a list of kind words to support the fact that no matter the size, location or weather, you will have a beautiful collection of photographs that document the people and events that go into creating the next chapter of your lives together.

I’m getting married abroad……..?

International weddings are considered based upon availability and destination – please click here to get in touch for a tailored quote.

Do you process the images?

All images are processed by myself and presented in colour & B&W. I use colour-managed equipment and licensed software to ensure that the images you receive are of a high professional, technical and industry standard.

Do we get to see all of the pics?

Due to the candid nature that I aim to achieve, there are often shots that get culled because they are similar to a better one or because of a limitation in terms of people moving and blinking, etc. As an average I deliver around 250 – 300 photographs from each full wedding that I cover and often more. in terms of a ten hour day this is around one produced for every two minutes of my attendance.

How long do you stay for on the day?

A typical wedding day for me starts at around 10.00 or 11.00, allowing an hour or two to cover preparations and then coverage until the first dance or 9pm ish. Staying later on into the day is possible though so please get in touch to discuss your plans.

What happens if the day runs over?

As is often the case, with hurried last minute preparations and late arrivals, to uncle John going missing during the group shots and the groom going for a snooze just before the first dance is scheduled, wedding days often run over the scheduled time line. On the day if this happens I will liaise with you both and give you the option for me to stay later if this is feasible given bookings the following day. The charge for this on the day is £175 / hour.

Do you need a meal?

Your caterers will be busy sorting out the food for you and your guests and the photographer is often the last person to be served a meal. For this reason I like to arrange my own, as it means that I am able to keep my self fuelled as I require throughout the day and I don’t often have the appetite for a big meal.

Do you work alone?

Yes, I find working with some one else a distraction!!

How much is the deposit and how soon should I book?

The deposit depends on the package that you book but is typically £150 and is deductible from the final balance depending upon how many hours you would like me to stay. I advise booking as soon as you are in a position to do so as I book work on a first come basis

Are you insured?

I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. If you or your venues require proof of this please let me know.

How soon will we see our photographs?

I aim to get photographs back within 6 weeks, however during peak months this may be 10-12 weeks.

What should we do with our photo’s when we receive them?

I would recommend backing them up several times in a couple of safe places. I would also recommend printing them; I find that the sequence of images that I create on the day lend them selves well to being presented in an album that tells the story of your wedding day.

Can I buy an album at a later date?

Certainly, I keep 2 copies of your photos for 6 months, after which my copies are reduced to one. If you are interested in putting an album together, please let me know and I can send you a brochure for the album company that I work with. A draft design can be made online and emailed to you so that  you can make comments regarding any adjustments that you would like making before it goes to print.

Do you take group shots?

Definitely, if you go with my ‘Posed’ option. I believe a small number of close family group shots can be an essential part of your wedding photography collection. I recommend no more than 6-8 however, so that time is not taken away from your reception and in order for me to concentrate on the storytelling that I look to capture for my clients.

Do you take any formal / creative portraits?

Its completely up to you guys and the package that you go with, some weddings that Ive covered have had no formal photography throughout the day, however most that I photograph will have a 10 – 20 minute session at some point. You can read more about my approach and see some examples by clicking here.