Priory Cottages Wedding Photography Leeds

Emmal & Ian had a lovely summer wedding at the very beautiful Priory Cottages in Wetherby, just outside of Leeds. Ive covered another wedding at this venue before so was really looking forward to being the photographer at this special occasion. The venue itself consists of a renovated barn with a large attached marquee and dance floor, and several cottages built around a colourful and elegant courtyard which is all in keeping with the priory from which it derives its name. The whole venue is rented for weddings, meaning that family and guests can stay over and not have to worry about designating a driver or arranging a taxi at the end of the night. It also means that the bride and groom have places to get ready in close proximity while maintaining a converted distance. This allows me to capture the photography from both aspects of the preparations, which is great for the couples that I work with as it is a large part of their day.

The atmosphere on the day was bubbly and vibrant and the weather was hot and humid. A storm brewed all morning but held off until after the ceremony, which was held upstairs in the barn, and as the newly weds descended the staircase, they were showered in confetti by the guests on the mezzanine and had the New York Brass Band serenade them The Beatles ‘All You Need is Love’. We had a few formal shots to complete during the reception and we even made some cool portraits before the heavens opened and had to dash inside. The rest of the day was comfortably spent indoors where the atmosphere was cozy and intimate, and this relaxed and gentle roll into the evening perfectly summed up Emmal & Ian’s wedding; a day filled with tears and laughter and lots of love for each other and their closest friends and family.

EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0525 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0526 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0527 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0529 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0530 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0531 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0532 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0533 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0534 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0536 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0537 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0538 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0539 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0540 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0541 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0542 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0543 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0544 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0546 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0547 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0548 EI-Priory-Cottages-Wetherby-Yorkshire-Wedding-Photography0549

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