Samlesbury Hall Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Emma and Stephen got married on a sunny November day, with an early afternoon ceremony that made the most of the low winter sun. They held their reception at Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire and had their ceremony at a church nearby. Its a fair drive from Yorkshire to the venue so I stayed the night before the wedding in one of the on site eco lodges to ensure that I was fresh for the next days photography. For weddings north of London and south of the Scottish border that I am booked as the photographer,  the cost of travel and accommodation is included within the collections that I offer, and I often stay the night before the wedding to ensure that I am close by in the morning to avoid any potential delays on the motorway or in traffic.

Emma also got ready onsite in a small cottage at the entrance to the Hall, so i took a gentle stroll over there in the morning as the lazy sun hovered below the tree line, gently backlighting the morning dew that had gathered on the ground. Rabbits and squirrels hop around the grounds without a care and this adds to the natural charm of the location.

After a couple of hours of photographing Emma and the bridal party, I went over to the church to meet with Stephen and the groomsmen and was ready then to capture the brides arrival. After a lovely ceremony we completed some small family groups in the some open shade within the church grounds and then headed over to the reception. With an early sunset in winter, it was practical to do the formal shots earlier to make the most of the available light at that time of year. It also meant that the reception is free for all of the guests to relax and enjoy themselves, and allows me as a photographer to concentrate on candidly documenting the wedding day.

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