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Emma + Neil initially stumbled across my work on Pinterest after I photographed a wedding at Silkstone Church close to Barnsley, which is where the couple intended to marry themselves. When they got in touch I instantly remembered the church as the vicar who conducts the ceremonies there is really friendly and not some one you might forget easily, and I think it is safe to safe that she certainly enhances the whole experience of getting married in her church. As well as the personable people, the building itself is very ornate and lets in beautiful pools of light which are fun to work with to create striking photos. I always enjoy a church ceremony, not just because of the sing along, but because of the freedom I have to unobtrusively capture the proceedings and move around to add some variety to my coverage.

Emma got ready with her bridesmaids and children at Wortley Hall where the reception was planned, and I spent a couple of hours with them before heading to over to meet up with Neil and the arriving guests. Emma’s children added a family element to the day and her young daughter injected her entire personality into the day and I remember at one point she stood at the top of the steps during the reception shouting “where’s my bride?!”, which from a 5 year old created quite a funny scene.

I got this feedback from Emma when she got her photo’s back: “They are amazing!! Love them!!! We definitely made the right choice of photographer, the pictures are exactly what we wanted.” Here are a few photo’s from their big day to demonstrate the style of photography that I produce at weddings.

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