Kirkstall Abbey Wedding Photographer Leeds

Eleanor and Rich got married at Leeds Town Hall and then held their reception at Kirkstall Abbey in the Gate house, which has a ideal room for the meal and evening party, and is beautifully illuminated with considerate lighting and a large window that is a real centre piece. There is also the option to go into the attached museum which I have done on a previous wedding and this created some very different wedding photography as the museum is a cobbled victorian street complete with shops that you can go into. The abbey is conveniently located just over the road also and this lends itself to some great photo opportunities too. The emphasis of my work at weddings however is to document the people and events that unfold before me. To do this well I need to become a part of the wedding party and experience the day as though an active guest. Everyone at this wedding was so relaxed and intent on enjoying themselves that within five minutes they had forgotten that I was taking photos and this adds even more fun to my work.

I met Eleanor and her bridal party at her home before heading up to the ceremony. The atmosphere was very calm in the morning with a hint of mischief as the bride and her bridesmaids got ready together upstairs, while the rest of the family mingled, ate and slowly prepared for their daughters wedding. I love this initial period spent with families as it give me chance to win over the bridesmaids (perhaps the social key to the smooth flowing of the rest of the day) and also endear myself to parents, who are hopefully there too. This cheeky charm offensive isn’t necessarily intended to win friends and influence people, although that does help in this line of work! It means however that later on in the day when the there is a more solomn or intimate moment, that that person will be more open to sharing it with me as the photographer and this means great photos for the couples that I work with.

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