Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

A large portion of the Peak District is situated in Derbyshire. A central county within the UK, there are many locations and reasons to get married here.

Louise + Jamie’s Mosborough Hall Wedding Photography

Louise + Jamie got married at St Joseph’s church in Handsworth and held their reception at Mosborough Hall in Sheffield. The couple got married at the beginning of September on a beautifully warm and sunny day.

The weather on the day reflected the warmth that was evident amongst this close family, with every member having a specific role. As such there seemed to be children everywhere I looked once Id arrived at the church after the very relaxed morning of preparations. If you’ve looked through my blog you will find lots of photo’s that include kids, as they make such brilliant subjects on a wedding day. They also help you pull a photograph together with their spontaneity and I’m always excited to see the results of such pictures when I get home after a wedding day.

Jamie and Louise both got ready at the venue in the morning so I was able to spend a bit of time with each group, as they got ready for the ceremony. There was definitely an air of excitement that developed as the morning progressed and when I arrived at the church this buzz was infectious as all of the children arrived and spread it around like the bee’s pollinating the flowers. Each child took to their role with full force and exceeded their duties throughout the day, which were mostly to have lots of fun!

After the ceremony, everyone headed back to Mosborough Hall for a relaxed reception in the sunshine with a musical accompaniment by one of Louise’s nephews, before the speeches took place and the evening was entertained again by Louise’s nephew, who as you can see from the photo’s certainly had himself a dedicated set of fans that responded beautifully to the music. Louise’s niece then joined her brother to sing the newly wed’s the song for their first dance.

You can read the message that the couple sent me, and many more like it on my review page, which has lots of feedback on it by clicking here.

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Hathersage Church Wedding Photography | Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Photographer

Linsey & Tom got married at St Michaels Church in Hathersage  and then held their reception at Woodthorpe Hall in Holmsfield, on a day that literally gave us a taste of everything in the form of extremes, from the tradition of the church ceremony to the contemporary styling of the reception, there was rain and sun and lots of tears and laughter.

Linsey got ready at home with her bridal party and I spent a couple of hours with them before setting off to meet Tom and the arriving guests at the picturesque church. The weather had been intermittent all morning with brief period of rain and strong sunshine, however when I got to the church the sun had come out in full force, offering some striking light to work with. After the ceremony however the heavens opened again which by all accounts is good luck in certain parts of the world on your wedding day, and for a photographer, the situation provides the chance to capture images that demonstrate this aspect of the wedding day which always makes a nice contrast.

The rain was however short lived as by the time we arrived at the reception, summer had started again and as such we were all treated to some glorious warmth for the rest of the day. Hathersage Hall is a discreet venue, tucked away in the countryside, and offers its enchanted gardens for the reception with a tipi providing the base for the dance floor and seating for the meal. As the evening drew in the venue was illuminated by fires and fairy lights and when the music started the party went into full swing, fuelled by a vat of locally produced cider provided by the venue.

Here are a few photos from Linsey & Tom’s wedding to demonstrate the candid documentary style of my photography.

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Derbyshire Wedding Photographer | Tissington Hall Wedding Photography

Charlotte + Richard got married at Tissington Hall, a stately home set within beautiful grounds on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire; it is the the main focal point as you drive into the village that shares its name. With a church located across the road, and within easy walking distance, the location provides everything that you might be looking for when planning a wedding. The reception is held in a marquee behind the hall and provides beautiful views of the Hall and its grounds.

I first met Charlotte when I photographed her sister’s wedding several years ago, and so it was a great privilege to be able to photograph her wedding and great also to see her sister and their family again. I met Charlotte and her bridesmaids at the Hall where they got ready in the Bridal suite. As is often the case there was opportunity before the ceremony to spend some time with Richard and the arriving guests to catch a few photos for the bride to see what else was going on that morning and record some of the personalities that make up their family.

I was unable to stand at the front of the ceremony, however the view from the back of the church didn’t disappoint with some great light to play with and in that respect the opportunity to also capture images that I wouldn’t have been able to take had I been in front of the couple, and this variety of approaches to capturing the wedding day is what keeps me motivated and on my toes when Im looking for photographs to take.

Here are is a small selection of photos from Charlotte + Richards’ wedding to demonstrate my relaxed candid style that document the events, and capture the people and moments.

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Peak Edge Hotel Wedding Photography

Anna + Richard got married at The Peak Edge Hotel at The Red Lion, set on the edge of Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District National Park, the venue offers a relaxed and contemporary setting and is conveniently located to major transport routes, making it accessible for guests arriving to your wedding. The Peak District is a beautiful part of the country and offers some fantastic countryside views that rivals some of Yorkshire’s finest, which for me is a real please to work with in terms of producing wedding photography.

When I arrived at Anna’s parents house to photograph her preparations, I met her Dad who was in the car outside, choosing to seek some calm from the excitement that bubbled from inside the house. He was going through his speech and this gave away his identity before i introduced myself. Key players on the wedding day often have important roles and or are usually dressed appropriately so as to make them stand out a little. Mums often have a hat that has required many shopping trips to acquire and Dads often look like the groom in attire, and its these nuances that help me as a wedding photographer in concentrating on the most important people on the wedding day. Similarly acts such as going through a speech or handing out button holes or orders of service all suggest a key part in the day to me as I observe it. So in short I pleased that I was able to capture the first image in this series, as it depicts one of the father of the Brides roles on her wedding day.

These guys put on a really relaxed and gents emotional day and it was a pleasure for me to become part of their wedding party and capture some great memories for them.

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