Crow Hill Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Deborah + Richard got married at a catholic church in the centre of Huddersfield and held their reception at Crow Hill in Marsden, Yorkshire. Due to the layout of the property, with additional cottages on site, the wedding party stayed for the whole weekend, with both the bride and groom getting ready in adjacent houses. Having everybody in close proximity is a great opportunity for me as a photographer as it allows me to photograph both sides of the preparations as part of my c;clients wedding photography collections.

A lot of Deborah’s family had come over from Ireland and her dad even brought along his pubs resident band who were a great addition to the day. When I arrived in the morning the party from the night before was still going for some of the guests and this started off a fantastic day of celebrations, smiles and laughter – all the right ingredients for some brilliant wedding photography. The venue assists in this respect also as it has an array of locations to create any formal portraits and soft light spilling into the main house through its many windows. A photograph that I took of Deborah’s bridesmaid helping her put on her veil in the morning won an award with the AGWPJA of who I am an active member. This shot was taken against the large bay window in the bridal suite, which is a beautiful place to get ready before and to stay the night of your wedding.

The meal and evening reception take place in the onsite marque which has great soft lighting which enables me to get very clean photographs of the speeches using available light. The dance floor is also situated here and even has space for a band should you wish, however id recommend the resident DJ, Jeremy, who stands out from the many wedding suppliers I have worked with over the years.

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