Leeds Wedding Photography

Deb + Luke got married near to christmas at St Urban’s Catholic Church in Headingley in Leeds, and then held their reception at Morley Town Hall. Despite being a winter wedding in Yorkshire, the weather on the day was almost autumnal, which always makes my job as a photographer just a little bit easier.

Being a catholic service there were a few traditions to observe which is great for me as it allows me lots of opportunities to change my position and offer a varied coverage of the ceremony for the bride and groom, who stood separately throughout, being joined in the exchange of vows and rings and a final blessing. Luke’s nephew had a main role during the service and you can see him cloaked in a couple of the photos below.

After the ceremony the guests were transported by bus to Morley Town Hall for the reception, where a long and relaxed period of time was set aside for a few family group shots and lots of mingling. I love the unstructured time that I have during a reception and the longer I have to blend in with the guests the better in my opinion, as it allows me to capture the interactions of guests in groups without having to arrange and direct an actual ‘group shot’. This approach to documenting a wedding day can greatly reduce the number of formal shots that you might want to plan as it allows me to photograph people candidly and most folk would agree that people are often captured more flatteringly and naturally when they are not aware of the camera, and in this respect I feel as though I am able to capture a truer representation of personalities and also relationships, as so much can be communicated through gestures, eye contact and body language.

Below are a few of my favourite photos from their wedding, if you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full collection, you can see them here by clicking this link and using the couples surname as the password.

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