Cripp’s Barn Wedding Photography Cotswolds

Amy & Lee held their summer wedding at Cripp’s Barn in the Cotswolds. You might wonder what a Leeds wedding photographer is doing all the way down in the Cotswolds, but for the right wedding I am prepared to break those Yorkshire boundaries in order to get some great wedding photography for a great couple.

I first met Amy and Lee at Lee’s brothers wedding which I photographed also. Having met a lot of the key players on the Grooms side, and with the bride very comfortable with my approach to photographing a wedding, I got straight to work as soon as I arrived in the morning. It had rained heavily the night before and that morning still bore the remnants of a passing hurricane, however as I arrived at the hotel where Amy was getting ready, the sun came through with a vengeance and dried up all of the rain. Despite planning an outdoor ceremony, a decision was made earlier in the day as the rain drizzled on that it should be moved to inside the barn, and despite the sun coming out, this proved to be a great idea as the light that naturally filters into a barn can be great to work with in terms of producing vibrant and strongly lit images, which is the type of contrast I love to  capture and work with in my wedding photography.

The company that own Cripp’s barn run such a tight ship that they have other similar barns throughout the country that are equally as popular as Cripp’s Barn, so where ever you are based there will be a fantastic barn venue close by to host your wedding.

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