The Gherkin Wedding Photography London

Claire & Tom got married earlier in the day at Tom’s old school before heading to The Savoy in central London to drop some bits off, as they were staying the night before going on their honeymoon. This is where I met up with them and we were able to take a few photos around the entrance of this iconic hotel before we went to Searcy’s at The Gherkin for their wedding reception.

Being at the top of one of London’s most distinctive and impressive landmarks is one way to host a spectacular reception that will definitely be one to remember. With eagle eye views of the country’s capital city, I was spoilt for choice when it came to catching photographs. Being a large glass dome, it has amazing architecture in terms of the long leading lines that create the environment and this is great fun to work with when taking photos. As the guests arrived champagne was served and I was even able to capture some natural portraits of the bride and groom together before everyone turned up.

After the meal, the speeches were made and everyone headed back upstairs for the evening party. The lights were turned off and the evening was illuminated by the London skyline and the gentle ambience of candle light. As a rule of thumb, I always bring flash equipment with me to Weddings for the evening when it darks. This allows me to create strong, dramatically lit images even when the lighting conditions are challenging. Its also great for dancing shots as it allows me to freeze the action and from time to time I catch priceless images like of the ones below (look carefully!!)

CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0120 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0119 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0117 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0121 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0122 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0123 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0124 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0125 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0126 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0127 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0128 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0129 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0130 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0131 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0132 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0133 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0134 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0136 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0137 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0138 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0139 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0140 CT-TheGherkin-London-Wedding-Photography0141

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