Yorkshire Cricket Ground Wedding Photography

Claire and Rutger booked me to photograph their wedding after I covered their friends, Lianne + Nick’s wedding last year. The couple got married at Leeds Cathedral in the centre of town and then held their reception at the Headingley Cricket Ground, which has a family connection that made this venue a special place to host their celebration.

Claire and her bridal party got ready at the hotel at the cricket ground, with an international team practicing in the background. Fortunately for me no one else was interested in this pretty unique experience, as sport goes over my head. After a couple of hours everyone was ready to leave and so I set off ahead of them to meet with Rutger and the arriving guests.

I was given permission to photograph throughout the ceremony which always makes for a happy wedding photographer as the location and the events unfolding made some great photos. I love working around Leeds and West Yorkshire for this reason as the majority of people who conduct wedding ceremonies are open to photographers documenting the occasion discreetly, and this is not always the case in other parts of the country.

I got this feedback from Claire when she received her photo’s and album:

“I can’t tell you how special you made the day, my family absolutely adored you. We love the pictures, they are amazing. The album is amazing too, we absolutely love it. You have been amazing from start to finish, thank you for everything.”

Here is a small selection of photos from Claire + Rutgers wedding to demonstrate the style that I work in.

C&RC005 C&RC016 C&RC033 C&RC037 C&RC069 C&RC075 C&RC077 C&RC080 C&RC081 C&RC087 C&RC116 C&RC119 C&RC125 C&RC131 C&RC138 C&RC154 C&RC161 C&RC177 C&RC190 C&RC201 C&RC202 C&RC203 C&RC232 C&RC234 C&RC236 C&RC243 C&RC262 C&RC268

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