Cheshire Wedding Photography

Cheshire Wedding Photography

Home to the historic city of Chester, Cheshire is a beautiful county located in the centre of the UK and borders Wales to the west. The county consists of lots of pretty villages and towns and hosts many grand weddings across the variety of wedding venues available.

The Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photographer Cheshire

Bernie + Emma got married at The Oak Tree of Peover in Cheshire, and booked me to cover their preparations through until the speeches which were held before the meal. When I arrived in the morning the champagne was flowing and the couple, their daughter and Emma’s mum took their time getting ready at a leisurely pace, to such an extent that the time just disappeared amongst fits of giggles.

The time was realised however when the registrar can to do his final interviews before the ceremony and the two brides were far from in their dresses. I managed to catch a couple of photos that show the registrars reaction to the situation and then the moment after when the door handle fell off trapping us in the room, and Emma’s mum’s reaction in the mirror makes this photo one of my favourites of the day.

Bernie + Emma sent me this feedback when they received their photo’s:

“Thank you so much for sending these through.  We have been in and out of them all week – can’t stop looking at them. We love them!

You have captured some great moments throughout the day and everyone commented how lovely you were ( we just think they’re bad judges of character! 🤣🤣) and how you just faded into the background. Both of us really love the ones from the morning when we were just so chilled getting ready together, when it was just us being us.

We’d also like to say a big thanks for your chilled style, which helped to keep Em relaxed (ish!) and just made the whole experience more memorable and humorous. You were a star and in hindsight we wished we’d booked you for longer.”

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 Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography

Jenny & Lenny got married at Manchester town Hall and then held their reception in the centre of town at Barca Bar. I photographed Lenny’s brothers wedding so it was nice to see lots of familiar faces again and this meant that within minutes I was accepted like a piece of furniture when I arrived to photograph the bridal preparations, in that my presence was quickly forgotten about as I got on with taking photos of the events around me.

Manchester Town Hall is an extremely grand building in the centre of town and having worked there before, I was aware of some of the best vantage points for some great photos that utilised the available light to dramatic effect and recorded the environment as part of the composition.  After the ceremony the couple took a quick walk through town to their Taxi, which I joined them in as we made our way to the bar. The reception took a leisurely pace outside making the most of the last of the evenings light.

I love informal weddings like this; the atmosphere was relaxed and social and there was no real itinerary once the ceremony was complete as the there was a buffet crowned with a Pork Pie wedding cake instead of a sit down meal. Some speeches provided a few interesting revelations and then later in the evening the couple had their first dance to a Bob Marley song. This single sentiment summed up the relationship that I observed between the couple that day – all of that fun, laughter and sincerity expressed in a simple 3 minute love song.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from their wedding to demonstrate the documentary style of my approach to photographing weddings.

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