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Cat + Sam got married at Waterton Park Hotel and held their reception at Walton Hall which is just a hop and a skip over a bridge to some very picturesque Yorkshire countryside. Set amongst some unique grounds, the venue is a perfect setting for your wedding.

The couple held their ceremony and evening do in the hotel, which offers plenty of space for weddings of all shapes and sizes. The groom and bridal parties both got ready in adjoining rooms so I was able to spend time with both of them during the preparations. I always enjoy this opportunity, as I am able to record the build-up of both parties, which offers some great potential for a variety of images from this part of the day. If I don’t get chance to spend time with both sides, I often meet up with one of the couple before the ceremony and get to capture last minute preparations then.

The weather on the day was overcast with some nice fluffy clouds, but remained warm as we headed towards autumn, and as the guests arrived I took the chance to mingle amongst them and familiarise myself with who was who, which allows me to capture generations of family members within pictures, which personally would always be the pictures that I would value the most.

The ceremony provided laughs and tears and then the reception was held over at the manor house on the island. If you haven’t seen this unique venue, it’s a fascinating find tucked away within close distance of pretty much every where in Yorkshire.

I received this feedback from Cat + Sam when they looked through their photo’s:

“Thank you so much – we looked through everything last night and we’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out! ……….. Thank you so much again – we’re delighted!”

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