Danby Castle Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Bex + Rich got married at Danby Castle, perched dramatically on the North Yorkshire Moors near too Whitby on the East coast of the UK. Over the last few years I have photographed several weddings at this venue, and its always good fun coming back to photograph another. The staff go out of their way to ensure that the wedding day flows without incident and the catering is exceptional. Im often included in the catering and the staff make sure that Im fed with the guests so that Im ready to photograph the speeches, which is massively appreciated by me! The venue, though remarkably quaint and aesthetically pleasing, allows you to customise the decor to some extent to make your wedding day a unique reflection of your personalities. As an example Bex and Rich decorated the front of the ceremony room in a curtain of origami cranes suspended on string.

The couple utilised a six hour wedding photography package by having a later service, I was then able to capture the ceremony right up until the first dance. I arrived early to capture the arrival of the guests, and Bex’s grandparents stood out particularly; her Grandmother being particularly attentive of her Grandfather, and this intimacy was beautiful to observe in two best friends that have shared  and built their lives together. I love Grandparents, Im lucky enough to have a couple left myself and I love reminding them that they started all of this, and I wonder if they could have ever pictured themselves as young lovers so many years later on at their Granddaughters wedding. The first photo in this series shows them having a quiet moment to themselves before the ceremony room filled up.

It rained a bit in the morning and early afternoon, but as is customary at Danby Castle, the sunshine is prone to popping out and drying everything up, which enabled me to spend a bit of time with Bex and Rich on the moors making some informal portraits of them both within the environment that they chose to marry in. Shortly after the wedding they both immigrated to New Zealand so these photos will forever preserve a slice of home for them on one of the most important days of their lives.

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